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Got It

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by Meryl2, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Meryl2

    Meryl2 Guest

    Hi All

    Just want to let you know that I have been awarded DLA higher rate indefinitely.

    This was my first application and it took 5 weeks from start to finish. I didn't get the care component though only the mobility component, but I have just appealed against the decision on the care component part and am now waiting to hear about that.

    If any of you are considering DLA go ahead with it, I put it off for nearly 3 years, but I am glad that I finally went ahead with it.

    Best wishes to all

  2. KarolH

    KarolH Registered


    I am so happy that you got it right away and feel bad for the folks who have to fight the fight to get it.

    I got mine 1st try also but here in the USA that can take up to 6 months.

    Get out and celebrate this wonderful news.:wink2:
  3. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Well done Meryl :)

    My GP has been pushing me to do the same here. Knowing Belgium it's a very very long red-tape process but he says he'll help with all the forms.
  4. elisabethm

    elisabethm elisabethm

    Congratulations Meryl i have been on it for 11yrs i get both.High Disability.Middle Rate Care My hubby gets carers Allowace for me.Mine is for Life What a diffrence it makes to your life i have a Motability Car if it was not for the car i dont think i would get out and about not that i go far but it is still there when i am fine Best Wishes Elisabeth
  5. keebler

    keebler Moderator

    Congratulations Meryl!

  6. elle-co

    elle-co Registered


    Fingers crossed for the care componant.

    Elle x
  7. sheila t

    sheila t Registered

    Hi Meryl.

    Great News. Just hope now the care componet is sorted for you to

    Sheila x :)
  8. Meryl2

    Meryl2 Guest

    Hi All
    Did I speak too soon? After receiving High Rate Mobility Component for Life I then sent in my appeal for the Care Component that they had refused me. Guess what, I had a telephone call from DLA last Friday to say that now I had made an appeal against the Care Component, a new Decision Maker would look into my whole application again and they wanted to warn me that I could lose my Higher Rate Mobility Component and end up with nothing if the new Decision Maker saw things differently from the first one.
    Back to playing the waiting game.

    Best wishes to all

  9. elisabethm

    elisabethm elisabethm

    Hi Meryl i would try not to worry about it i cant see them taking it of you .As you have not suddenly had a cure.If they do take it then just get ready for an appeal have every thing writen down just to hand to them.Just dont let them intimidate you did they tell you when you will get a decition.Fingers crossed for you Best Wishes Elisabeth
  10. LolaLola

    LolaLola Registered

    Hello Meryl, Yes they do look at the whole award again, but I have found them very fair in my case and my Daughter's so don't worry unduly.
    Don't forget Blue Badge if you don't have one yet. Also you will be exempt Road Tax even if you do not get a Motability vehicle. They will give you details about getting an Exemption certificate. Once you have that re - taxing the car is easy.

    x Lola
  11. Meryl2

    Meryl2 Guest

    Thanks for your replies, I tell myself not to worry, but I still do, every the pessimist.:(

    Lola I have just received my Blue Badge, but didn't realise about the Car Tax, I thought you had to have a mobility car for that, where would I get my exemption form from?
    Thanks again both for your replies, they are very much appreciated.
    Meryl xx
  12. LolaLola

    LolaLola Registered

    Ring the DLA Unit, the number is on your letter and just ask for a Road Fund Exemption form. I have had my Road Tax free for years and am very grateful for it. As I said it is a simple thing once it is set up.

    Disabled Rail Card can be a help too. 30% off fares for you and a companion. Costs about £16 a year, cant remember exactly but we save that in one trip.
    You can ring for a form 08457443366. Again once it is set up renewals are easy.

    Glad to be some help, my attitude is that we have all the disadvantages of a Disability so might as well have any perks that come along.
    x lola
  13. Meryl2

    Meryl2 Guest

    Hi all
    As you know from my previous posts I was awarded DLA Mobility Higher Rate indefinitely but appealed against not getting the Care Component so now the whole application has to be looked at again. DLA have told me it will take about 11 weeks and they were now asking my Specialist for a Report, the Report they had on my first application was from my GP.
    This morning I received a letter from Medical Services to say that they are going to send a Doctor to the house, it makes me wish that I had left the Care Component and just accepted the higher rate mobility component, all the worry of this has now brought on a Flare and I feel absolutely rubbish, the fatigue of this is made worse with the fatigue I already have from the Brain Haemorrhage at Christmas.
    Can anyone who has gone through this and had a visit at home from a Doctor please let me know what I can expect,
    I would be really grateful for any suggestions you may have.
    Big hugs to you all

    Meryl xxx
  14. Meryl2

    Meryl2 Guest

    DLA Doctors Visit

    Hi all
    Just to let you know I have just had my home visit off the Doctor for DLA. If you remember I was awarded Mobility Component at high rate indefinitely, but got turned down on the Care Component which I appealed against and they are now looking into the whole application again including the Mobility Component.
    The DLA Doctor wasn't too bad, but when I tried to explain anything to him I just got told to answer yes or no to the question, he didn't want to hear any explanations about why I couldn't do things. I found it very frustrating and am glad it is over now. I Just wish I had left things as they were and accepted the Higher Rate Mobility, but it is done now so I will have to wait all over again for the decision on both components.
    Not a bad life being an ATOS Doctor, they receive over £100.00 per visit.
    STRESS, STRESS, STRESS, does it never stop and why do we have to fight so hard for everything.
    Hope everyone is keeping on the good side
    Hugs to you all

    Meryl xx
  15. Meryl2

    Meryl2 Guest


    Hi all
    Just thought I would let you know that after my medical with the Doctor I have now been awarded the Care Component at high rate, I was really worried that I would lose my Mobility Component because I had appealed against the Care Compent, DWP told me this could happen, I think perhaps it was just to put me off appealing, anyway I have got both now at higher rate indefinitely so I am glad I didn't give up. Why is it that we seem to have to fight for everything. I am sure it was the stress of all this that has brought on another flare.
    Anyway, keep well all
    Meryl xx
  16. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    Thats brilliant, Meryl well done!!!!

  17. lin

    lin Registered

    well done Meryl xx
  18. Meryl2

    Meryl2 Guest

    Thanks Deb and Lin for your replies
    Keep well
    Meryl xx
  19. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    Well done with carrying on with the appeal!
  20. KarenM

    KarenM Registered

    Many congratulations Meryl, as one who has just been granted DLA too, 6 weeks from start to finish, I know the relief, moreso for you having appealed. It is so sad that we have to fight for assistance when so very poorly. Well done.

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