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Has Anybody Else Been Tested For Lymphoma?

Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by sagehen, May 12, 2020.

  1. sagehen

    sagehen Junior Member

    Hi Everyone!

    Over the last year, I have noticed very swollen lymph nodes around my body. I went in to see my regular Dr. She is a real sweetie and had lupus also. She ordered a sonogram of one gland in my armpit. That turned out negative. My doctor wrote on my medical diagnosis for that day, "low grade," Lymphoma.

    Now, it is about 6 months later and I have found two more swollen lymphnodes. One in my neck, and this time the opposite armpit. I have asked around, and not one person had a suspected gland that may be lymphoma diagnosed by ultrasound?

    I am thinking I need to request a biopsy of a suspect lymph node.

    I would appreciate anybody's experience in this topic. If there is anybody that is familiar with this topic.

    Thank you in advance,
    Best Wishes,
    Sage Hen
  2. Laranne

    Laranne New Member

    Biopsy is difinite
    Biopsy is definitely the method of choice to diagnose it in animals. Needle biopsy, with or without ultrasound guidance is usually first. If suspicious or non diagnostic then usually removal with histopathology is the next step. That being said reactive lymph nodes happen and perhaps in people ultrasound can distinguish more.

    Fwiw I would ask about needle aspirate or biopsy.
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  3. sagehen

    sagehen Junior Member

    Thank you for your response to my inquiry Laranne.
  4. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Hi Sandra,

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. A woman in my local support group was recently diagnosed. Her doctor claims a few of the medications used can have a dual purpose for Lupus and Lymphoma. You might look into it.

    Take care,
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  5. Lupusdude

    Lupusdude Registered

    Hi Sage Hen,
    I had a few lymph nodes while attending college. The biopsy mentions that they can swell with prednisone tapering. Pretty common for the lymph nodes to be a bit bigger in lupus.
    Peace and stay well.
  6. sagehen

    sagehen Junior Member

    Hi Lazylegs,
    Thank so much for your reply. I had not idea. That is surely good news for people with a dual diagnosis. I haven't been back to my doctor since this Covid virus. I am watching and waiting to see if more lumps pop out else where. If I do find other swelling node, I will request a biopsy. I do not think I could get an accurate diagnosis without a biopsy.
  7. sagehen

    sagehen Junior Member

    Hi Lupus Dude,

    Thank you for your reply to my post. I knew lupus caused swelling in our nodes, but these are bothersome than my usual swellings. One in my neck actually hurts when I turn my head.

    Thanks again. I hope you are feeling well lately.
  8. sagehen

    sagehen Junior Member

    Laranne, Thank you for replying to my question. It just makes good sense to me that a biopsy would be a more accurate method of diagnosis. Maybe, my doctor thought I would balk at the suggestion? I do not know, but I would rather the testing be accurate. She is a young doctor and new at doctoring. I am sure also, she is told to do what is the least expensive test. Thanks again! Welcome to the site Laranne!
  9. Smile Of Life

    Smile Of Life Duncan

    Before I knew I had lupus my armpit glands swelled. They cut them out and couldn't figure out what caused it. Then 20 years later they found the same again, same arm. So it was biopsied and again nothing found. Just the same old same old in lupus land! Good luck!
  10. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Sandra the doctors where I am are putting off any elective procedures due to Covid 19. The doctor may feel the risk may out weigh the reward.
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  11. sagehen

    sagehen Junior Member

    Lazylegs, things has settled with the virus in my state, but things could swing the other way anytime. I know people most people here in my state do not wear a mask. My husband and I do wear a mask and will until a vaccine is developed. He has heart issues and well..you know about my issues.

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