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Help me with hairloss?

Discussion in 'Looking Good, Feeling Better' started by jenjen163, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. jenjen163

    jenjen163 Junior Member

    Hello everyone!
    I have had a devastating amount of hair loss in the past four years. I have absolutely no clue what to do.I can honestly say that I have lost all of my confidence. I have lost all of my friends due to fear of them seeing and cannot even stand to look at myself in the mirror. My hairdresser tells me to ask my doctor and my doctor tells me to ask my hairdresser for help. I can no longer deal with my receiding hairline at the age of 18, or how my once long, think and spiral curled hair is now thin, brittle and quickly disappearing. Although it tends to come back after falling out, the longest new hair I have gotten is about four inches long.. and this time around it is no longer growing back. Does anyone have styling tips or products that will help or anything? I am completely alone in this right now as no one I know has any clue how to help me. Crying myself asleep every night is not going to be possible my freshman year in college. HELP :,(
  2. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    I can give you some tips to help your hair but you really need to chat to your rheumy. What meds are you on? You need to get your thyroid and other bloods checked, and see if your lupus is flaring and tell him if the meds make it worse or better.

    When my hair first fell out with lupus I had it cut short and that helped. It grew back thicker. Since then more products have come on the market to help with hair growth. I massage my hair with argan oil and leave overnight, it really helps my hair grow. I only bought a cheap one from a discount store and yet it really works, it is a hair treatment one. Caffiene shampoo is supposed to be really good for encouraging hair growth and certain supermarkets have their own brands. Also hair thickening ranges of shampoo's and conditioners are available but apparently loreal do a hair mask and that is the best one. So I think the message is give your hair the vitamins and minerals it needs by treating it. Try not to use straighteners, if you use them, too much or other damaging products.

    Use hair pieces, head bands, etc anything you can find to give you confidence. A scarf even. They can be bought quite cheaply, find your own style, practice at home, wear around the house until you have got so used to it, you no longer notice it before you go out.

    I wish you well, it must be so hard. Take care.
  3. Reci

    Reci Junior Member

    What meds are you on? I had hair loss when in a flare. As soon as the flare was controlled with meds the hair loss stopped. However, certain meds do make your hair come out.

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