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Here to share what saved my life

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by JS87, Dec 30, 2019.

  1. JS87

    JS87 New Member

    Had 80 symptoms an was down to 107lbs in 6 months (lost 28lbs in 3 months) being a 5/10 male age 32 (lean guy but actually muscular for my body size tho) weighing no less than 128lbs (teenage years) ever an usually stayed around 133 to 140lbs when normally living. Thought my main problem all my life was my body was short on vitamin an minerals due to my body eating everything up at a super fast rate, so I just overlooked it an pushed on thru. Always had anxiety growing up as well but I overlooked it also thinking it had something to do with my food intake. Had a a lot of up an downs for the past 12 years (had 2 decent filling years an thought my life took a turn for the better but was I wrong) until this past Feb (started working out in the heat everyday) I went from being in the best shape of my life ever in everyway possible to hitting a brick wall one morning. Went thru what I would classify the closest thing to HELL from Feb 19 to up until the end of Oct. Went thru all these Dr an Specialists of which was no help besides finally getting to one that said I have Lupus but can't by law state I have it due to me not showing up alot on this tier system, also didn't have the main symptoms of Lupus but i had 80 others tho. There's alot of BS in every part of our world today an the medical field is a serious problem. Had an ultrasound done an once I lerned all my organs was good an my bloodwork wasn't too bad I then said to myself I can turn this around but first just need to find the main culprit. So I studied the body/nutrition day an night all while adding/subtracting stuff from my diet. It works really well long as you don't consume anything with CORN in it an you'll see why. Hope this helps whoever reads this bc I know there are alot of people suffering around the world.

    Other than Stem Cells of which are very expensive this is what works the best, also they are making a lot of progress on the stem cells for curing diseases. Future looks bright!

    No matter what your gonna have some good an bad days but you'll be able to go thru life almost normal doing this. Now you'll never have the strength an endurance that you once had when fully healthy ever again bc Lupus just breaks the body down too much but this will keep you from feeling really sick tho. Give this 2 to 4 weeks an you'll start to see a major difference in your life. Autoimmune diseases come from too much inflammation in the body an it also cz a lot of other serious medical problems as well. CORN is 33% more contaminated than any other crop due to being modified in a lab an the pesticides we put on them, also have done tests an it's the only food so far that cz severe inflammation in every race. Stop eating anything with CORN ( high fructose syrup, syrup, starch, & etc) in it. Eat blueberries a few times a week along with cinnamon bc these take inflammation out better than anything. Eat natural fruits, veggies, seafood, chicken (grilled or baked) & limit other meats. In the mornings drink warm water with apple cider Vinegar, lemon an Manuka Honey to build a healthy digestive system, building the body back up starts here! Oils: olive & avocado mainly, limit coconut, light sesame, & flax/grape seed. Flours: Amaranth, quinoa, chickpea, rice, oat, & limit coconut. Nuts: need to eat daily except limit peanuts. Milks: Almond, limit coconut, & limit soy for males. Spices: ALL! Eat daily & extremely good for you. Teas: green, lavender an limeflower, ginger, turmeric & drink daily. Limit your caffeine intake so if you drink coffee then don't drink a green that day instead opt for a different one. Also if you need to take an over the counter then take ibuprofen bc it takes inflammation out as well

    No artificial anything, CORN, butter, bad oils, & limit wheat due to gluten. CORN is in everything nowadays so always check the ingredients list. Enjoy
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2019
  2. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    It is good you found a diet that has helped you. Eating healthy has always been recommended by my doctors. It is good to keep in mind though that each of our bodies is different and what works for one person may not for another.

    Take care,
  3. Robin Jackson

    Robin Jackson Member

    I agree Lazylegs, and if you don't grow your own produce and raise your own proteins, no one REALLY knows what is in any food products we purchase.
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  4. MissDaisy 1

    MissDaisy 1 Member

    Have to agree with LazyLegs. If I were to eat nuts, peanuts, oats and avocado I could be in the ER as I am allergic to all the foodstuffs I listed.

    You need to work with your health care professional to find what works for you.
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  5. Lupusdude

    Lupusdude Registered

    MissDaisy and Lazylegs
  6. countrylass

    countrylass Registered

    So happy for you.

    Nice to hear.
  7. sagehen

    sagehen Junior Member

    Hi J587,

    Thank you for trying to help others. I appreciate your taking the time to try and help the rest of us. It means a lot to me. I know you are right about a lot of what you believe. I have noticed a slight change in my inflammation when I stick to the diet you suggest. I have to be honest, and say that I never do stick to a diet. I am weak and start to crave the things I know that are not good for me to eat.

    I am so happy that you are a stronger person than I am and are feeling much better.
    May you continue to feel much better and thanks again for your informative post.

    Best Wishes,

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