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home birth

Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by Tazzytnt, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. Tazzytnt

    Tazzytnt Registered

    hi I was just wondering has anyone had a successful home birth with lupus. It is something I have always wanted and am hoping to have one since everything is going so well so far. I have such horrible reactions to medication and I don't want that to happen when i am trying to enjoy the birth of my baby
  2. Raglet

    Raglet Registered

    I know when I had my baby I didn't qualify for a home birth, and had to have her in hospital.

    There were a list of exclusion criteria, and midwives were not licensed to deliver me at home.

    Talk to your doctor about this, and see how things work in your country. As you have lupus, you may have to deliver in hospital.

    all the best for a happy healthy pregnancy

  3. broxi1873

    broxi1873 Guest

    I dont know if home birth would be right for your particular circumstances or not but if you are thinking of it, I strongly suggest you google homebirth uk and got to the relevant sight for home birth that comes up at the top
    and join the mailing list. There are many people who can help you make an informed decision. You'll also find all sorts of useful info there.
    I'm going for home birth although its been a huge battle. There really is not an exclusion list for homebirths in the UK, but unfortunately many midwives and doctors will lead yout o believe they can exclude you. The midwife I spoke to admitted to outright lying to try to coerce me into obeying their wishes. The decision finally rests with you, and the NCT and AIMS can help if you are denied this right.
    The home birth list may be able to help you find a supportive midwife to help you make an informed decision from the start though, or you may be lucky and find your local health care providor willing to give you a fair assessment, but if you are detrmined you will likely have to really fight for a home birth.
    I'm on clexane, which increases my risk factor, but have weighed that against other risks. You'll have to weigh in your own specific risk factors.
    Best of luck to you
  4. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Hi Tazzy,

    I think the thing here is that you have to listen to your doctors' advice. Many lupus patients are considered a too high risk for a home birth but maybe in your case you might not be.

    I think we often have out hearts set on one thing or the other but in reality we have to be flexible. I remember that I absolutely did not, under any circumastances, want an epidural. However, if we had lived in medieval times, without epidural, I would have died in childbirth so, at the end of the day, you realise that what counts is having a healthy baby and also (especially for someone already ill) being as kind on yourself as you possibly can.

    As Broxi said, you may be able to arrange a home birth but I think that you have to remain prepared that, at the sightest sign of trouble, you may have to tootle along to the hospital.

    Here where I live, the decision is easy. There are no home births and we actually stay in hospital for a minimum of five days whether ill or not.

  5. broxi1873

    broxi1873 Guest

    Hi again,
    Thought I'd add this, not to worry you but if you have the anti-Ro or anti-La
    antibodies, a hospital birth might be the best option because there is a slight risk of neonatal heart problems, although these can usually be detected by scan. If you have an active Lupus flare at the time of delivery, home birth can be more dangerous and if you are taking clexane or other blood thinners risk of bleeding is increased. Additionally Lupus patients have higher risk of premature labour, in which case home birth is out of the question, or having to induce due to problems like pre eclampsia or lack of placental blood supply.
    So even if you do manage to book a home birth, you need to also make arrangements for what hospital you will give birth in if for some reason you must have a hospital birth, and remain at least somewhat emotionally prepared for it.
    Home birth does however reduce the risk of assisted labour, which can lead to more bleeding or clotting problems, c section, and infection. Also because its more relaxed most people report quicker less painful labours.
    I've had alot of hospital related complications in the past and really feel homebirth is by far the best choice for me, but your individual risk factors may be different, you may be just as comfortable in a birthing centre or a good hospital, it all depends on your reasons for wanting a home birth as well.
    If you do intend to go ahead with a home birth though, and meet serious opposition, and i cna help in anyway, pm me.
    I do know what its like at least :)
  6. Hannah Guix

    Hannah Guix Registered

    Hi Broxi1873,

    I was very interested to read you comment above as you seem to have a good understanding of SLE AND be an advocate of homebirth and I was wondering what you think of my situation. I was diagnosed with SLE 15 years ago but it has been in complete remission for the last 5 years. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in March and I´m determined to have a natural homebirth. We have a fantastic independent midwife with 34 years experience but of course I´m going along to all my hospital checks, scans, blood tests etc as well. All my results so far have been perfect and I´ve been told my pregnancy is no different (at the moment) from that of a woman without lupus.

    My OB has told me in no uncertain terms that I cannot have a homebirth as I would be putting myself and my baby in danger and that they will not let my pregnancy progress beyond 40 weeks (I´m determined to wait until 42 before taking any action as long as all is going well) as I´m still considered high risk. They seem to bulk all lupus patients together in the high risk category with no regard for the fact that each and every woman is different.

    I´m confident that, provided I don´t encounter any complications, I am capable of a homebirth and that it is the right path for me. My midwife is wonderful and very supportive but I still come out of my appointments with my OB and lupus specialist in tears as they make me feel TERRIBLE. My husband is obviously worried for me and is inclined to veer towards professional medical opinion which doesn´t help...

    Do you have any words of advice for me? I´d be very interested to hear what you think as a woman who has been through home birth...

    Thank you!
  7. ElephantEyes

    ElephantEyes Registered

    Hi Hannah and:welcome: to the site -

    You are unlikely to get a response from Broxi as she has not been back to the site since 2009. I'm going to lock this thread now, but please start a new thread of your own on home births - you will get more relevant responses this way.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy :)
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