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How to make the itching stop!?!

Discussion in 'Newly diagnosed' started by Sheri2, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Sheri2

    Sheri2 Feel like i'm going insane

    My lab results came back positive 3 weeks ago, but I don't see my doctor until Friday and have to wait months to get a call from a specialist - before I even get in to see one.
    In the three weeks since then, i've broken out in a discoid rash all over my neck and forearms. I called and told my GP but they said to wait until my appointment.
    It is so itchy I feel as if i'm going to lose my mind, and it is causing my anxiety to go thru the roof; I can't sleep, I can't focus and I can't stop thinking about how awful it is.
    If you've tried something that works, PLEASE let me know. I'm not sure if i should go to the hospital or what I should do.
  2. x_claire_x

    x_claire_x Moderator

    I found an anti histamine helped me when I got a dreadful photosensitive rash.....and cold showers every couple of was a nightmare and I feel for you :0((( Ultimately though the Discoid Lupus needs to be addressed to get proper respite.

    You can not wait that long so I would be very tempted to go to the hospital..... they need to see what is going on; at least that way it is documented. It is easy to leave you suffering when they don't see need some considerate, kind care and sooner rather than later. Take photos of it too...etc....let us know how you get on...Claire
  3. Sheri2

    Sheri2 Feel like i'm going insane

    I've been taking antihistamines and showers and creams.... The anit's make me so tired but I still wake up scratching so i'm utter exhausted :-(
    I'm onto the crying phase so I think I may take a trip to the hospital - i don't think i can wait two days
    Thank you for replying
  4. DonnaKay

    DonnaKay New Member

    I have spent more money on creams, lotions and antihistamines with absolutely NO result! I feel so bad for you as it is awful. I agree with Claire - take pics to show the Specialist and get yourself to urgent care. Let us know the outcome.
  5. mark176

    mark176 Active Member

    I would have thought that some sort of steroid based cream would work. It might need a bit of experimentation to find the right one. I had some awful rash come up about 2 months ago. Put steroid cream on and it went away after about a week. Problem is steroid cream will need a prescription.
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  6. Sheri2

    Sheri2 Feel like i'm going insane

    A trip to the ER landed me a prescription for Prednisone and they told me to wait until Friday to clear the rest up with my doctor. Hopefully it clears up within a few days
  7. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    I hope it clears it up for you.
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  8. Jessica1

    Jessica1 Moderator

    I have accidentally stumbled on some cream that has helped with my itching at last. It's called Eurax - not sure if it's sold in other countries but you can buy it at the pharmacy. It's not the nicest smelling cream in the world but as you'll know, that really doesn't matter when you're desperate and at risk of raking all of your skin off. I had tried antihistamines, cold water, warm water, cold air, warm air, tapping my skin, slapping it and all kinds of extreme behaviour and found no let up. So hopefully some of you readers might find it useful.
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  9. Sheri2

    Sheri2 Feel like i'm going insane

    After an awful three weeks, the prednisone and protopic cream (along with a strong anti-histamine) seem to be finally working. The itch is down to a tolerable level and my skin is finally starting to look somewhat normal. It's horrible to itch and be so uncomfortable, but it's also looking in the mirror and seeing a swollen rashy mess all over your face. I've had a rash on and off all over my face and eyes for so long I haven't wanted to go out of the house since October.

    A huge, serious and heartfelt thank you for all of your input, your advice and your concern.
    Hopefully, this will be the last big flare (fingers crossed) before i get to see a rheumatologist.
  10. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    I am so pleased for you, lets hope your rheumy appt goes well now.
  11. The big rash, you describe, was face, neck and chest 2014, for me.

    I tried everything, went out 4 times in 2 months. MDS and pharmacy.
    Nothing helped the "contract dermatitis", several weeks of prednisone calmed it some.

    No lotions, creams, etc.... helped. Just time.
    Now, when I use coconut oil all the time, face, neck, chest, itching legs. It seems to help, most of the time.
    I use sugar/honey scrub/mask at least once a month.
    I am terrified it will come back, that bad, interfering with breathing until the prednisone injection.
    I wear makeup extremely rarely, usually a cover when I go out with my husband.
    Just natural things that are more calming.

    The chemicals, from everywhere else, did absolutely nothing, but cost several hundred dollars.

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