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In a panic and don't know what to do!

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by Eva-L, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Eva-L

    Eva-L Registered

    This morning the dreaded letter from DWP arrived telling me that they have stopped my benefit after only scoring 12 points (you have to get 15) at the personal capability assessment. I don't know what to do next especially as most of the points awarded were for mental health issues and do not relate to my underlying health at all.

    I understand that I have the right to appeal but at the moment all I can feel is a major sense of panic! I *know* that I am not able to work and having tried unsuccessfully to get back into employment for several years I also know that it would take a miracle for someone to consider employing me.

    Bottom line is that my husband is unable to work either (although very close to getting his pension) and I totally depend on IB for paying the bills.

    Anyone have any advice or successfully appealed based on being this close to 15 points??

    This is about the final straw particularly as in the last few months I've had one of the worst down phases for 3/4 years and it's not going away.

  2. larraine

    larraine Registered


    hi sorry to hear about your unlucky time with dss but never give up as thats what they want you to do. this happened to me some years ago they gave me 14 points when you need 15 so i appealed and had to go to a hearing, but make sure you take someone like social worker or key worker or anyone who really knows your difficulties with you as they can talk for you, this happened for me and i didnt have to go into the room with them they did it al for me. You must keep upto date with gp appt and hospital appts as that goes good for you as well. i also had to take all my meds with me for them to see. hope this is some help for you but as i said never stop fighting they hope thats what people will do and thats when they can tell who is genuine and whos not because if you keep fighting you are showing that you have something to prove.
  3. Eva-L

    Eva-L Registered

    I rang the help number for the regional office and the woman I spoke was very sympathetic advising me to request a reconsideration immediately and is sending me the forms today. She also offered lots of very sound advice on what sort of information to include and where to get further help. She said I would be mad not to contest the decision with my rating being 12 points.

    Interestingly if I add up all the points for the mental health section alone that would give me 16 points but they can't count them because my main illness is not a mental health one. However, I will be definitely be complaining about one thing (which the woman I spoke strongly advised) is the fact that there is a section about alcohol intake. The doctor put 2 points for this indicating that I strongly need to have a drink before midday - I am teetotal!!!!!!!! Never at any point in the interview did we discuss whether I actually drink or not, just how many painkillers I need to take. I am furious as this makes me look like I have an alcohol abuse issue! :mad:

    The whole thing has me really worried as I have no idea how I am going to pay my bills in the interim.
  4. bugsy

    bugsy Registered

    Hi Eva

    I can totally understand how you are feeling cos i had one of those letters a few years ago.

    I had only been awarded 3 yes 3 points so my appeal was for 12 points. I did win my appeal but it did take nearly 6 months to happen so in the mean time i had to apply for job seekers allowance which was alittle lower in pay than the IB but it helped, when my appeal came thru, they did give me back pay.

    I would definately appeal against their answer, you have a very good chance.

    Good luck :luck:

    Take care :bunny: Jo :bunny:
  5. cad

    cad Registered

    Hi Eva,
    so sorry that this has happened, its really awful to have this stress hanging over you on top of the illness.
    I have never had to go through an appeal but i just wanted to say don't give up and go through the appeal process. It would be really good to get some backup from someone else who knows about your difficulties aswell.
    Try researching some disability related organisations in your area if you on't have a social worker or keyworker.
    See if you can get some support from your gp too.

    Good Luck and Take Care

    Cassie :)
  6. laura72

    laura72 Guest

    Hi. My daughter was refused DLA twice i never bothered appealing!! On the third attempt she was refused again... So, I too rang the DLA and explained everything to the lady, she then sent me all the info they used to make the decision and recommended I get as much info and support from Doctors consultants etc, Our doctor was happy to support her claim along with our specialist nurse, the school and A collegue who had seen the impact Lupus had had on our family. This was not an appeal but a Reconsideration! if she was refused again then I would have appealled...BUT, Hooray she got it. High mobilty and Low Care!! We are happy with that. I also sent a very lengthy 6 page letter outling ALL her sypmtoms and how each one effects her, from opening a packet of crisps(finger joint pain) to brushing her hair(Hair loss sore scalp)!! Very boring for them to read through.. DONT GIVE UP!!! Good Luck. PS They also backdated it!

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