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Incapacity benefit changes

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by Marshmellow, Jul 28, 2010.

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  1. Marshmellow

    Marshmellow Registered

    Hello all,

    I read this in the paper today and and it's got me worried as I get both DLA and incapacity benefit and will no doubt be coming up for re assessment under the new system at the end of this year. Has anyone had any experience of the new work capability assessment? I scared I'll lose the financial help I had to fight long and hard for so would love to hear your expereinces

    Thanks Rachel
  2. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Hi Rachel,

    I am also on DLA, but not incapacity benefit and I am very, very worried. If I had a medical on a day like today there is no way I would get my DLA renewed but if I was seen a couple of weeks ago it would have been ok. I am never the same one day to the next at the moment. My DLA was granted indefinitely about 4yrs ago after having to re-apply every year for several years. I hate the thought of going back to that again.

    I am also very worried as at the moment I am on holiday from work and it has made a huge difference to my quality of life; even my blood results are reflecting this. If I go downhill again when I return to work I will have to give some serious thought as to whether working is the best option for me. All this worry does my health no good. These civil servants have no idea how all their rules and regulations affect people. Also the people that claim benefits when they are not entitled to them have a lot to answer for; they are making life even more difficult for those of us who have genuine illnesses.
  3. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Hi there,

    I agree from reading it that it sounds worrying. I really don't know how it will pan out but I would like to think that during that 13 week assessment period there will be many things taken into account including your doctor's reports and opinions as well as the very nature of the disease (which could be pointed out by a doctor in a report) and the fact that it fluctuates and makes people unable to hold down employment due to very frequent absences from work and so on...

    In any case people certain shouldn't be put off fighting for what they are due when they are genuinely ill. Unfortunately there will always be people who are so exhausted by the process that they will simply give up rather than go through it.

    It's a pity that in every benefit system there are always certain people who will abuse the system and claim when they have no reason to. I know of plenty of people who are on DLA (equivalent here) because they are "depressed" have "back ache" or even "contact phobia" and who work unofficially on the side - they make me mad as I waited ages longer than I should have before even daring claim because although ill, I still didn't consider I had a right or think of myself as "disabled" (I still don't really).

  4. Lupo30

    Lupo30 Registered


    The incapacity team seem to have no compassion at all. We are just seen as targets. You must answer any questionnaires judging yourself on a bad day. They have already been onto me and I get DLA as well. I understand that spending cuts have to made but I think to target the truly ill and disabled is just easier than targeting those that truly don't want to work but can. I've worked many years and would love to be able to go back and leave this awful disease behind, but I can't. Many are working and shouldn't be because the difficulty in getting benefit as well. You are not alone. Keep fighting for what you are entitled to.

    Love Lupo30 x
  5. KarenM

    KarenM Registered

    I get both DLA/IB, and had to work really hard to present my case, thankfully my wonderful GP and Consultants were superbly supportive. However, I have read countless stories that these ATOS representatives are uncaring, and even go as far to totally ignore your GP and Consultant's reports, if they are referred to at all. I understand the need for the cuts, understand to sift through the claimants to weed out malingerers, but surely to goodness those with supportive and bone fide evidence of need, should not have to go through this process, do they noit think if I were fit to work, I would not be in work, I got pensioned out of my job deemed unfit to work in any capacity in the job I did (PA work). Since then, my health has deteriorated and the thought of being made to attend a 13 week process, fills me with horror, if I had to go to see someone today, I couldnt, I can hardly walk.

    But one thing I can tell you, I am not going to give up without a damn good fight, and will involve as much help as I can muster with those organisations out there to do just that, because I detest injustice, and those of us genuinely blighted by this condition, need to ensure we stick to our guns, if we can. They of course will hope it gets too much and one drops out the assessment.

    I worked for over 30 years, so am not work shy, it is just unfortunate I become ill.
  6. Marshmellow

    Marshmellow Registered

    It's nice to know am not alone with my worries nor in my determination to fight my exhausting as that will no doubt be

  7. Lupo30

    Lupo30 Registered

    Well said, Karen M!

  8. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    With the announcement I heard on the news yesterday I am now even more worried....all this talk of getting people back into work and people being significantly financially better off on work than on benefits. This kind of talk is so unfair....I am worried sick about my ability to carry on working and hearing this it doesn't sound like I am going to have much choice but to carry on. It seems quality of life isn't important. :(
  9. KarenM

    KarenM Registered

    Hi Tracy

    Yes the assessment for all IB claimants will be rolled out from April next year, and I have decided to change my mental train of thought. Our reactions here IMO are exactly what the government are hoping for, as you know full well that some just will not be able to face the tortuous process and aggravation with the assessment, but for me, I think we have nothing to feel worried for, we are genuinely ill, with a condition that brings many add on conditions. I can guarantee that most of the so call ATOS assessors will not have a clue what Lupus is. We are in a difficult position because in the main we do not have in your face (save rashes) symptoms showing, have two broken legs and an arms, different story.

    I have already been told that due to my long history of illness, absenteesism from my previous 20 year service renders me virtually unemployable, so what sort of jobs would they have me do one wonders? And would they employ seasonally, as during summer, I am confined to barracks being super sun photophobic. I am seeing my Rhuemy in 4 weeks, I intended to ask her would she support any DWP claim I have to be reassessed for.

    I was getting very stressed and uptight about it, but listening to a debate on the radio today on Radio 4 (anyone else listen to that) it did sound more like they are aiming to weed those off IB who can work, but won't, or cannot provide any medical evidence to support their continuance of it. All I know is, I shall fight tooth and nail should I get rejected, if they force me back to work and make my condition worse, I will sue them for every last fibre of their making. Can you tell I am angry, like I said above, I hate injustice and why should the genuine folk like us, be made to go through this, can they not look at their files and see the submissions we made last time, or is that too simple!

    Rant over.
  10. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for that...(I hope Marshmallow doesn't mind us taking over her thread!) I think you're spot on about the government wanting people to give up and not claim due to the amount of hassle in doing so. I've always thought that about DLA as before I got it "indefinitely" every time I re-applied they either turned me down or gave me a lower rate; I actually wrote to my local MP over one of the claims and it was at this point it was granted indefinitely...hmmm wonder why?!

    HR/Occ Health at work are getting involved with me now as I have had so much sick leave over the last couple of years..I hope this goes in my favour if I feel I cannot continue - I have already cut down my hours and I am still struggling. I find that during term time (I work in a school) all I do is work and then rest; I have no real social life, I have to have my groceries delivered as I am too tired to go shopping, we have a lot of convenience food/takeaways as I am too tired to cook every night, and my house is a mess unless kind friends of relatives lend a hand. Is this the sort of life that is supposed to be better for me than not working? :(
  11. Marshmellow

    Marshmellow Registered

    I don't mind at all you taking over's sooooooooooooooo nice to know I'm not alone with my worries !
  12. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Thanks....I am worried sick about it all to be honest which I am sure isn't helping my health!
  13. Marshmellow

    Marshmellow Registered

    Ditto that Tracy but let's flick the worry 'off' switch and enjoy life (well try!) least until we get called up, after all we have it hard enough without advanced worrying!
  14. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Yeah you're absolutely right! x
  15. Marshmellow

    Marshmellow Registered

    Argh it's started....2 forms in post today from the Benefits people wanting me to give them extra info about my circumstances and clarify what I am currently receiving....trying (not very sucessfully) not to panic
  16. TracyJN

    TracyJN Registered

    Awww good luck....haven't had anything yet.
  17. x_claire_x

    x_claire_x Moderator

    This is an old thread so I will close it now.
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