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Discussion in 'Looking Good, Feeling Better' started by joanna1986, Sep 10, 2011.

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  1. joanna1986

    joanna1986 Registered

    hi everyone. i never had any skin problems before, but recently very very tiny spots all over my arms are being very itchy. has anyone faced such experience? do you use creams to feel any better? what should i put to stop the itching?

    thank you all :)
  2. denalirat

    denalirat rockstar!

    hi joanna,

    i get itching from my dermatomyositis rashes -- it is the worst! if you have not seen a dermatologist about these spots, it might be worth starting there just to confirm what they are and to see if there's anything they can be treated with.

    with my DM rashes, i try to keep them moisturized a lot because it does help a little bit with the itch. what helped the most for me was getting treatment from a dermatologist (for me, it was first short-term steroid ointment...followed by an ointment called protopic after we saw that the steroids were helping, but the rash kept coming back). i am so grateful that i saw a dermatologist because he has helped me SO much with things like this!

    best of luck,
  3. countrylass

    countrylass Registered

    Hi Joanna1986...
    .yes im going see a dermatologist rheumy referred me for many different types rashes.i hate the itchy ones most..
    for me my doctor makes me take anti histamines all year round,plus sun cream plus e45 for now not enough hence going see a skin specialist.

    do go see your Gp or Rheumy as i had to with lupus itchy all over can be sign something more.......also use sentive clothes wash/conditoner.
  4. SueC

    SueC Staying Simple

    Hey Joanna,

    How are you? I can related to you as I get itchy areas all over my body in some days as well.
    Luckily they come and go and wasn't persistent long. The problem I'm having is that I like to scratch a lot, and I get scratches and they scar badly. They don't heal fast either, and they always, always, leave a nasty ugly scar. I've had them on my legs, my hands and my arms, and even my back. So I'm like wondering what to do to prevent that. I tried rubbing instead of scratching, and rubbing with a hand-sanitizing towels and tissues, etc. But they still leave scars. For infections, I've got an anti-bacterial cream and since I apply them till the lesion gets dry and cover it up while I'm working so that it won't get infected, it seems okay.
    Any suggestions on how to reduce the scars or better yet, prevent them?

  5. keebler

    keebler Moderator

    Hi Sue,

    The original poster hasn't been back since 6/22/2012.
    Could you start your own thread? That way all the replies will be for you.
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