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Just a Question for fun

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Karly1964, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Karly1964

    Karly1964 Guest

    If you could chose anywhere to live in the world where would it be, and what kind of dwelling would you like to live in?

    :) My answer would be right here in Indiana, but in the woods, out in the country with few neighbors, in a log cabin with big picture windows to watch the wildlife and to have my dog Keegan back with me. (I just got home from my grandma's house which the family is selling, I would love to live there, and I watched about seven to ten deer stroll throught the yard and into the woods) I am a bird watcher and nature lover. Grandma's house has a creek running through the front of her property, fields all around and wooded areas. But alas, disability checks wouldn't even cover the heating bill.:sad: Dream big if you like. Karly
  2. karen.w.

    karen.w. Registered

    karly your grandma's house sounds heavenly!what a shame you can't live there :sad: ......if I ever win the lottery I will buy it for you :)

    Right....I would have to choose florida!!..definitely my favourite place,I have so many wonderful memories of our holidays there..(plus I am on holiday there right now :) )

    very close second would be between paris or rome...preferably in a chateau :hehe: well you did say dream big karly :hehe: :wink2:

    :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9:
  3. LoopyLoo

    LoopyLoo Registered

    Great thread Karly!

    This is a tough one as I love travelling. Can I pick my top 3? I love looking out on to water and also sunsets.

    1. Southern Spain - a small spanish village on the coast that hasn't been invaded by tourists. I'd have a very small house with my own olive trees and livestock and be as self sufficient as possible.

    2. Italy - preferably Lake Garda, we went there in 2006 and it was beautiful. The food, wine and people are fantastic.

    3. Greek Islands - again a small village on the coast with no tourists with magical sunsets.

    Aaah.....we can but dream :rolleyes:


    Pam xxx
  4. florie

    florie florie

    Your grandma's place sounds like somewhere i would want to be too.
    It sounds peaceful and i too enjoy seeing the deer and always loved a log cabin. Sounds like a place for mind therapy for me. I too wish you could have it.

    If i had a chose of living somewhere , I would stay here in florida since all my children and grandchildren are. A time share would be great to have cause you can go anywhere you feel for that special getaway and depending on the mood your in you can just choose. But i don't have a time share so I just visit the travel channel and it makes me see and feel the different places that the world has to offer. :lol:

    Wishing you a happy pain free day, and a very happy easter.
    Hugs, Florie
  5. ALWIN

    ALWIN Guest

    I am not well travelled so do not know where else I would be happy.

    If I could fund a dream, however, I would live in the UK, but a lot further south in the countryside of the Cotswolds or Dorset. I have lived in both areas in the past and loved them.

    I would have a large 3 storey house with 2 acres of flat fertile land.

    The land would be for growing organic crops which I would sell from my shop set in the ground floor of the house, and my family would live above - each with their own room with an en-suit so we no longer rowed about the bathroom queue!

    Bells outside and inside would alert me to customers so I could emerge from gardening (or what ever) like Mr Benn.

    There would be a loo and a cafe as well as my shop on the ground floor. People would be able to sit amongst the fruit trees and berries with a healthy home made snack / cake under pretty tables with canopies over.

    That way i could earn a regular income conveniently, doing what I most enjoy. I would sell the work of local artists without charging commission.
    My garden would be filled with withey structures clothed with Honeysuckle and clematis, little bridges and pools filled with lilies and dragon fly.

    In the evenings local complementary practitioners would use the ground floor for running yoga classes / similar, and others might teach patchwork classes / other craft type classes.

    The front of my house would be clothed with white perfumed wisteria and a chocolate vine.

    And I? I would be renamed 'Mrs smug', and when my children left home I would turn the place into a mini gettaway and charge for their rooms.
  6. LoopyLoo

    LoopyLoo Registered

    So you've not thought about this in any detail before then Alwin? :rotfl:

    I like it!
  7. Marshmellow

    Marshmellow Registered

    :) A cosy little appartment with a balcony on the promenade des anglais in Nice in the south of France, walking by the sea, eating lovely french food al fresco and watching the sunset with a nice glass of wine!! heaven!!!

    Happy dreaming!!

  8. ALWIN

    ALWIN Guest

    Well Loopy,

    There's nothing better than dreaming in my world!

    All I need is a (rather greedy sized) windfall and I would honestly give it a go. I just don't know anybody weathy with a sense of humour to take a chance ... I don't suppose you ...??? :rotfl:

    Take care all.
  9. Clare.T

    Clare.T Registered

    I'd like to live in Alwin's garden, well, in a perfectly appointed shady cottage
    ( sounds better than a bungalow) in her garden, with a north facing studio and domestic staff, but it would have to be in Northumberland.
    I would be willing to make the meringues, pavlovas and lemon meringue pie. for her tea room. Also eclairs and profiteroles.


  10. Taree

    Taree Guest

    I would very much like to approach the new owners of Grandma's home to see it they're willing to adopt cute 31yr old who is very much over potty training and schooling issues... can't imagine they'd say no!

    Failing that, a cottage in the mountains of Hogsback would do nicely. It is amazingly beautiful and serene... no tarred roads , no street lights (yes, you get horribly lost at night) no pollution! A bit hot in summer and snowy in winter... strolling through the back garden and picking from a variety of fruit, strawberries, mushrooms and snap-peas - they're incredibly sweet picked straight off! I'm hoping to go for a little visit next month- yay yay yay!

    Alwin, your place sounds fantastic but alas my baking skills are horribly challenged. My scones could easily be used as bowling balls for very little people... really. If you ever need a tea lady though...

    Karly... Can't be easy letting go of the family home, I hope Grandma adjusts well!:)
  11. mysharonna

    mysharonna Guest

    A home in the woods on a quiet lake is my ideal dream place- My grandparents had a place like that, and even today when I am sad or upset, I put myself there on the porch in the rocker with a beer- TOTAL TRANQUILITY! :) I can still smell the dirt and the leaves.

    Lots of deer, raccoons, geese and swans just to complete the picture.

    Now if you ask my hubby, he dreams of a home right on the beach with a wall of glass windows facing the water...I tell him he married the wrong gal for that dream..LOL

  12. ALWIN

    ALWIN Guest

    Well if i ever get that windfall it's a deal Clare cos I can't bake for toffee, so I had no intention of doing the baking myself. People tend to look at my finger nails and ignore my offers of food / drink.

    Your healthy option cakes sound good for the soul. Bet they make you sleep afterwards too.

    Guess i could forego it being in the south. Northumberland? ... what sort of soil do they have there then ...?

    Could we not meet half way and make it Lancashire / Yorkshire?
  13. Marshmellow

    Marshmellow Registered

    we could set up a commune somewhere that had everything we all dream of !!!! exclusive to CDT sufferers!!!:)

    ok maybe that's a bit unrealistic!!!
  14. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Well, that's a tough one!

    I am lucky to live on the edge of the woods, looking out over fields as I type.

    I think that my true dream place would take me back to my childhood and so would involve a windswept clifftop overlooking the atlantic with the smell of salty air and turf fires but I would probably find the reality and the loneliness of it too much now.

    I also spent 5 years of my childhood on a converted fishing boat in the Outer Hebridees of Scotland so I think that living on a boat again would rank pretty high, though I think that with age I would settle for a barge overlooking a field where I could build a stable for my horse. Canals also have the advantage of being a bit closer to civilisation for any necessary retail therapy and I could have an internet connection :)

    Another option would be a big rambling chateau farm - huh, the horses again.

    And yet another, a nice, modern, rather expensive house with ceiling to floor windows on all sides and an incredible view of this lovely snow we have. Of course, I'd need the roaring log fire and enough room for the whole family (it's a bit tight here) :lol:

    So, all in all, I'd be really easy to please :lol: but would probably go for the last option if I won the lottery as I have become lazy and enjoy comfort.

  15. Sage Hen

    Sage Hen Registered


    I had your dream all pictured in my mind..It sounds perfect for me too!
    I would be willing to teach arts and crafts..for you. And as payment, would only require time, to sit and eat some of Clare's baked goods...(remember it's a dream) I am diabetic..:lol: I would want to sit, under the wisteria and chocolate vine..with, a tall glass of iced tea.

    I could help on good days with some of the yard work too..

    I just planted snow peas here in Idaho, in my little garden plot..I have to grow something..or my mind would grow fungus..!

  16. ALWIN

    ALWIN Guest

    It's a deal, Sandy

    You can teach arts and crafts AND share the 'servants' specificed by Clare to give you plenty or r & r time until your evening sessions. You can also take charge of the peas. Snow to look at / eat, sweet to use as room fresheners, and sugar snap for eating raw.

    This is beginning to sound like a working / rest / spa holiday for lupies.

    The 2 acres is rapidly becoming too small because of staff accomodation.

    I think we now need a few lupies who are willing to learn how to build some snug log cabins to stay in with all mod cons so we don't spoil the environment too much. Double sized power showers will be essential.

    .... I think my dream is going pear shaped???? :rotfl:
  17. BigSis

    BigSis Registered

    Coo Alwin,
    I'll come:hehe:
    We can take weekenders in for short courses in watercolour painting. I'll teach.
    and we can do Tai Chi on the lancashire moors like those ladies in Calander girls.

    Come to think of it your place is getting a little crowded.:blush:

    Failing that............
    since the Caribbean is out because of the sun
    a little place overlooking the Kenmare river in County Kerry....watching the sun set over Migillicudy's Reeks (sp?)and nobody for miles around.
    Or a village in northern Italy near Venice and the Italian Alps.
  18. granny weatherwax

    granny weatherwax Registered

    Where would I like to live.....

    The perfect place would be anywhere with my husband. He is the most wonderful and understanding man who occasionally drives me mad but I wouldn't change him for the world.:kissy:

    We both love Exmoor so that would be a great place to live. We would also have the cats and horse (although he would need a friend too) and maybe a couple of dogs. I could sit in my garden watching the wildlife or walk in the hills (joints and energy allowing)! Peace and quiet and no noisy neighbours screaming at their kids at 8am on a Sunday morning ( :tantrum: )!

    Hope everyone is ok

    Love and hugz
  19. ALWIN

    ALWIN Guest

    Big Sis! :woohoo:

    You've done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The answer to the funding issue, of course! :excited:

    Please sign below for your month on the calendar - dressed according to your skill (I expect Clare to had strategically placed meringues, for example - the artists can hold their easels appropriately) There could be a spoon hidden in every shot. :trampo:

    Who ever it was whose husband wanted a glass fronted building overlooking the sea - you get to hold a big bit of glass - just to cheer him up! :smile:

    And there absolutley MUST be a group shot all doing Tai Chi, complete with aids such as surgical corsets, braces, sun brolleys - what ever is normal for each individual. We'll do that one on Boulsworth Hill (now you really know my locality) ... fully clothed methinx! Bob hats will be required. :cheer2:

    I have always wanted to visit the Caribean (wistful smilie)
  20. julsie

    julsie Registered

    That's so wierd.I watched 'calendar girls' a few weeks ago,so funny.It made me think of you Alwin,I think it was the location,you weren't in it were you?:lol:
    Are we going to do a calendar to raise funds for lupus research then?:)
    Karly,I would find it very hard to settle on my favourite place to live because I am so indecisive.Lovely cottage on exmoor,lots of walks and fresh sea air,or very similar to Alwin, a huge georgian style house with large windows so it was light and cheerful inside.It would have to have attic bedrooms because I love those,a huge garden with a veggie patch, flower borders and ,of course, a hammock between two apple trees.Shropshire is my favourite place.Or maybe a house I've seen built into the walled garden of a stately home.Fantastic when all the visitors had gone home and I had a beautiful garden to myself.
    By the way,Alwin,I was very disappointed to find out that a 'chocolate vine',never heard of one,doesn't actually grow chocolate:sad:

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