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Leg braces

Discussion in 'Complementary therapies' started by lazylegs, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Is anyone using leg braces? The physical therapist has a patient with MS wearing a pair presently. They have not only helped her gait but she claims they save her energy. She and I have similar symptoms so he feels they might benefit me also.

    I haven't seen these yet but supposedly there is a piece that fits inside the top of the shoe and comes up the front of the leg in two pieces to just under knee where it is held by a strap. That part is to help the foot drop. It also has a piece that wraps around the heel and ankle to support that area.

    Initially he was just thinking of using one on my right leg since it is the weaker one and has the intermittent foot drop problem. After further evaluation he suggests using them on both legs. The cost is outrageous even with insurance so I am trying to weigh the pros and cons. I wonder about the discomfort. Also would I loose some of my own muscle tone relying on the brace or would I gain it by walking more with the support?

    Any input would be helpful.

    Take care,
  2. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    I am now the Bionic Woman. The leg braces are great. Don't have to worry if I get stopped by the cops any more :lol:. I can actually walk a straight line. I still need an aide but that may change with time as I haven't fallen or bumped into a wall since I began wearing them. Doc says the decision to dump the aides now boils down to muscle weakness status.

    Take care,
  3. keebler

    keebler Moderator

    Hi there Bionic Woman,:lol:

    Great news that you have found braces that help you and you are doing better.:)
  4. pippa10

    pippa10 Registered

    Hi Lazylegs, glad you found they helped especially when the cost was so high. Hay that would make an interesting threat "The Financial Cost Of Having lupus" if I get time later on today just might start that I'm tired of paying out money. Sorry lazlegs typing as I think. pip
  5. Jenkay

    Jenkay Jen

    So glad you are finding them helpful!
  6. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Wow that sounds good. Amazing that such a "little" thing (you know what I mean there) can make such a huge difference. I sometimes find it such a pity that we almost have to stumble on a doc/therapist that knows about these things and suggests them and most of the time it's us having heard about something or other to ease life that asks them... Sorry mild ramble there :lol:

  7. ElephantEyes

    ElephantEyes Registered

    That's great - I'm delighted that they have made such a positive impact on you :)


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