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Looking Forward To Tomorrow If.....

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Karly1964, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Karly1964

    Karly1964 Guest

    I am looking forward to visiting with my nieces Hannah and Gracie, I just have to plan the visit a little later in the afternoon so I can catch Hannah when she gets home from school. :) They are both well, so no germs to give me, but it all depends on how well I feel. :worried: I'm not going to push it if I still have the headache etc. because I am definately no fun when I don't have the energy to laugh and play a little with both of them. My main problem is sleep I have a terrible time sleeping:mad: no matter what medicine I take or don't take, I wake up after a couple of hours and feel so anxious I nearly jump out of bed, which is a sight considering how slow and clumbsy I am these days.:lol: I have tried to use a dvd player to lull me to sleep, music, a fan, everything I can think of and nothing has worked, maybe when I get all the way off of the prednisone. Of course the depression causes a lot of the insomnia, that has been my pattern in the past, sleep little and eat too much.;) I also need to get out to a store and see what kinds of toys are out there for Gracie's birthday on May 16th, she will be five and I need to ask her what she wants for her birthday. She absolutely hates talking on the phone although she has done it several times but she's an unpredictable little kid sometimes when it comes to the phone. Even if I don't get to go over to visit I will have fun looking for a gift for her, although I have to wait until next month to buy it because my check is stretched pretty thin this month, unless we get our "stimulus" payment of $300, but I think that will be coming next month. Karly geez didn't realize how big the type was sorry about that!

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