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Lupus and HGH

Discussion in 'Complementary therapies' started by shellycharles, May 16, 2010.

  1. shellycharles

    shellycharles shellycharles

    Hi Guys

    Still new to this site guys:p I have had Systematic Lupus for nearly a year and god what a year!!!!!! First came the fatigue and weakness and all my fingers and toes joints were painful and like sausages in the morning then last June came this huge body rash after sunbathing for 20 minutes including the typical "butterfly rash" my body was covered in spots that grouped together and then blistered and itched like **** as well as being sore:(( !! Anyway my question is guys does Systematic Lupus affect the Pituitary Gland?? The reason I ask this is that I have heard many many good things about this human growth hormone that the country is talking about and it helps with repairing old tissue and muscle and it gives you extremely high energy levels and a sound sleep amongst other things :)) Sounds marvellous doesnt it?? But and its a big but can people who suffer with Lupus use this HGH?? Ive read that Doctors are even prescribing it for themselves. It kicks the pituitary gland to work harder because as we age it slows right down to virtually nothing when we are old yet babies use 20,000 times more human growth hormone because the pituitary gland is working overtime!! lol. I was just wondering it it would help with our fagitue and pain and other symptoms because living instead of existing would be so good:p At the moment im constantly lethargic and in pain and just wondered if anyone on this forum had heard anything about HGH like me and if it can help those with Lupus as well as reversing the aging process:DDDD. Please let me have your comments guys. thanks for reading hope it all makes sense to you:)) thanks, michelle
  2. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Hello there,

    I have moved your question to here as the "tech and test" forum is for technical issues (PC, forum etc.) rather than lupus or medical :)

  3. shellycharles

    shellycharles shellycharles

    Ok Katherine thanks very much I wasnt sure where to put it really still learning about the site sorry for putting in the wrong place.

    My name is Michelle and thanks again:)
  4. Lily

    Lily Registered

  5. KarolH

    KarolH Registered

    Good article Lily, and helpful too I think.
  6. shellycharles

    shellycharles shellycharles

    Hi Lily

    Bless you thanks for the link very good article and i agree very helpful. A question I do have for you if u dont mind is what is Sjorgren's? Because im fairly new to Lupus (diagnosed last year) had the malar rash after a facial injury in 2000 but didnt realise what it was:p Hence came all the various symptoms but told all in my head etc etc. Ive heard of Sjorgren's but I think rather than read up on it someone who actually has to put up with it is the best one to give a description of what it is?? Doctors can sometimes be quite harsh too when asking too many questions in my hospital:(

    thanks again for the link

    hope ur weekend is good:D

  7. Lily

    Lily Registered

  8. Clare.T

    Clare.T Registered

    Hello Michelle

    I am sorry about your diagnosis and hope you never go through such suffering again. Presumably you are being ultra-careful about sun exposure these days!
    What medicines are you on?

    I think big claims demand big proofs and I don't believe a word said by somebody who is selling the product, whatever it is, and who takes no responsibility.

    About Sjogren's, there is a good article linked to in the sticky post pinned at the top of Related Conditions section. There's as much to say about it as about lupus as it can take different forms and differing degrees of severity. It is a similar sort of disease as lupus with many common features but its speciality is to dry out the moisture producing membranes of the body causing dry eyes and mouth, most noticably. A lot of people with lupus have some degree of Sjogren's and many have an overlap.

    You would have been tested for it - the anti-Ro antibodies are a diagnostic feature


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