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Lupus and Marriage

Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by Billy Bob, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob Bill

    Hey all!!!!,

    My SSD hearing went great and my lawyer feels we won the claim. The judge asked the vocational specialist whether he felt I could work with all the medical conditions I have and he said NO so he agreed I was unable to work also. So my prayers have been answered and the vocational specials gets my thanks as well!!!! He basically ended the hearing by saying he did NOT feel I could work so now I just need to get everything together and see if it makes sense to try and save our house and stay here near the grandkids. They need our help and if I need to I can stay with my folks if they need me when ever I need to so thanks everybody for all the well wishes. My wife is sooooo happy the hearing went so well and a lot of stress has been lifted off of us!!!:):excited::cheer2::spin::nutty:

  2. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    That's great news Billy Bob :woohoo:

  3. Trindy

    Trindy Registered

    What wonderful news Billy Bob.

    Hope your tests sort things out. Good luck with the MRI.

    Trindy xxx
  4. Smile Of Life

    Smile Of Life Duncan

    That's great news, Bill. See, my pep talk paid off !! Hopefully your good mood will also affect your health in a positive way now.
  5. Billy Bob

    Billy Bob Bill

    Thanks Trindy and Ducan,

    Duncan your right I am on two good days in a row so thanks, Trindy I hope to get all our issues straightened out once the final approval comes thru.....we may even be able to save the house so thanks to all of you for your advise and well wishes!!!!!:)

  6. Jennannshear

    Jennannshear Registered


    I was glad to read your post - not glad that you are in pain and suffering but that you too have felt this way towards your significant other. So many times I have said things about my husband of 12 years - and I love him dearly with all my heart.. there just comes a time (every so often) that words are said and upset sets in.. I dont love him any less.. I am glad you were able to talk about it openly - helps me feel better about my own life. I will throw my prayers your way.. while I continue to pray for every one else on this site ..
  7. pennylp

    pennylp Registered

    Hi there,

    So glad to read your posts... sometimes good things happen to good people.. maybe now things will start looking up.. on the financial end now.. and I know from experience that they both tie into health issues... You and your wife are still in my thoughts and prayers..

    Love Penny

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