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Lupus awareness colour?

Discussion in 'Lupus News, Awareness and Research' started by Shani, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Shani

    Shani Registered

    Hi everyone, I was wondering what the colour for Lupus awareness is?I was guessing purple but then it seems orange is too?
    A little bit confusing as I would like to put a ribbon on my Msn display picture.So I would like to know.Thanks!
  2. jetster

    jetster Registered Users

    google searches show purple and orange as an maybe both! But it would seem purple is primary...
  3. Shani

    Shani Registered

    Thanks for your response Jet!I'm guessing I'll go with purple then.Orange is nice too although.
  4. Katharine

    Katharine Registered


    I've never heard of the orange but definitely purple. I think though that it is a shared colour with things like fibromyalgia (??).

  5. Shani

    Shani Registered

    Thanks Katharine, and yes it's for things as Fibro, Sjögren and Crohn I think,...
  6. pippa10

    pippa10 Registered

    I think there is a world lupus awareness day, not sure when though. Pip
  7. dizzyV

    dizzyV Val

    I think orange may be for Auto-immune diseases in general. Like Silver/Gray are for MS, I think Purple for Lupus.
    But I've seen the bracelets in orange for both...
  8. Shani

    Shani Registered

    Thanks Pippa.

    And Val, yes that's what got me a bit confused.I've seen orange around a few times.But as Jet said purple miight be the original-primary colour.
  9. Pink Pearl

    Pink Pearl Registered

    The first color chosen for lupus awareness was orange, but it was NOT popular with the public. So, purple was introduced over 5 years ago and it has stuck.
    Lupus awareness day is May 1. Lupus awareness month is October which is why most "lupus walks" are held in October.
    Hopefully this clears up the confusion.
  10. Shani

    Shani Registered

    Thanks Sally, made it clear up now.=]
  11. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    World lupus day is May 10th and the lupus awareness month is October :)

  12. Clare.T

    Clare.T Registered

    This is my understanding: May is Lupus Awareness Month in the USA. It's October in the UK. I don't know about other countries. May 10 is World Lupus Day everywhere.
    Purple is the most usual lupus awareness colour in the USA and is the colour used by the LFA; it's the only one in the UK.
    Orange is the colour adopted by several USA based Lupus Awareness and Support groups that are independent of the LFA, such as the SLE Foundation of NYC (, and the Lupus Resarch Institute.

  13. Shani

    Shani Registered

    Oo, that makes sense.Thanks Clare and Katharine.=]

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