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Lupus, LA, Mepacrine and conception

Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by mishmash, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. mishmash

    mishmash Registered

    Hi All

    My husband and myself are hoping to try for a family this year. Was wondering if anyone knew if you can try to conceive whilst taking Mepacrine have read lots different things some saying yes some saying you shouldnt.

    Also i have been told I have LA (Lupus Anticoagulants) and wondered if any one else had this and if it caused any contraindications whilst pregnant and if i would need take any extra precautions?

    I will be asking my Rheumy when i see him but just thought i'd see if anyone was going through or gone through similar. Dont think the rheumy will be overly pleased as have only been diagnosed 3 months properly and still adjusting my meds to help.


  2. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Hi again,

    It seems that information is often conflicting on this subject. I don't have any experience of mepacrine but know that opinions (both web and docs) are divided when it comes to plaquenil (generally considered safe) and imuran. I would think it is very similar for mepacrine but perhaps even less known as less commonly used.

    I think this is one that you will have to have a good chat to your doctors about - preferably with a specialised ob-gyne like they would have in London or attached to another lupus clinic in the specialised lupus pregnancy unit (sorry can't remember its name).

  3. countrylass

    countrylass Registered

    Im trying for baby while on planequil,and many other medications i discussed this with rheumy i been told to stay on planequil once preggy and stop allother meds except parecetmol for pain.
    i also spoken to gynae and obs consultant who said hed follow rheumy guidelines,im not yet diagnsoed with lupus.

    do ask your rheumy,i know hard waht they say for me rheumy doc i saw wasnt thrilled but due advice from gyane i need try now,due to endmetriois...when spoke to rheumy he didnt say anything against us trying.

    im to see a specialist nurse while trying,during pregnancy and afterwards for us both aswell for now as support.louie coute unit at st thmoases has same service but for lupus patients only,mines a ra clinic.

    hope that helps.

    we been trying 4 months almost now just figuring out best time to try........wishing you good luck so exciting............


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