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Malar Rash and Blotchy Chest Rash

Discussion in 'Symptoms' started by smf1819, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. smf1819

    smf1819 New Member

    Hi, everyone!

    I am new to this site and am hoping to gain some clarify on the many manifestations of lupus, particularly SLE. I've been to 2 doctors now that highly suspect SLE, and am seeing a rheumy next week. I am just wondering if anyone has ideas if this looks like a butterfly/malar rash, and then if anyone has any clue what my chest rash could be?

    I am 22 and starting around age 17 or so I started experiencing extreme fatigue and joint pain. In general I would oftentimes just not feel well and my body would ache as if I had a very high fever, although it was usually not higher than 101 degrees F and there were no obvious signs of infection/cold/flu. I've been getting chronic UTIs since I was a little kid and had kidney infections as a child, but just last year I went to the doctor because of flank pain and they found that my right kidney was distended with fluid. Additionally, my eyes are so dry, I get headaches during these "flares," I've experienced so much brain fog and inability to concentrate over the last few years, and within the last 6 months or so I've noticed a lot of chest tightness and shortness of breath, accompanied by dizziness. I also hear this strange "pop" sound in my chest, right in the center of the sternum, which I wonder if it could be related to inflammation. My facial and chest rashes are also very photosensitive.

    My ANA was positive at 1:320 fine speckled pattern but my anti-dsDNA was normal. From what I've found online, not all lupus patients have high enough amounts of that antibody, so a negative test result doesn't rule out SLE. But I am wondering if any of you have experienced this?

    Also, any idea about my rashes? Does my face rash look like the butterfly rash? It typically begins on my left cheek, then moves to the right cheek, and then moves up to the bridge of the nose. Sometimes it is very mild and only affects the left cheek slightly before disappearing. It also tends to expand up toward the edge of my eyebrow sometimes, taking up the majority of my cheeks but sparing the nasolabial folds. It is hot to touch but does not hurt or itch. It usually will last for hours or an entire day and it comes and goes. Some weeks it may appear every day or most days of the week, followed by systemic symptoms, and then other weeks it doesn't show up at all.

    Any idea as to what my chest rash could be? I know that SCLE usually has dark red edges and light red centers, so mine doesn't really look like that.

    Any help, opinion, or comment at all would be greatly appreciated!


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  2. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    Hi and welcome to the site. It is a great place to get information and support. The rash on your chest looks like it could be a lupus rash, when I get reaction to the sun or UV light any area of skin not not covered will react including my arms. Have you seen a dermatologist? They may be able to help if you don't get anywhere with the rheumy next week.

    I wish you well with your rheumy appt.
  3. x_claire_x

    x_claire_x Moderator

    Hiya...they both look like a Lupus photosensitive rash to me too (I had a magnificent whole body rash just after diagnosis with MCTD when on holiday abroad, just because one day I used a naff sunscreen ) does it itch ?.......You need to show the Rheumy/Dermy these photos and hopefully if you are keeping a daily diary of events you can trace it back to being exposed to sunlight or even high UV ordinary light.

    It can take up to two weeks for the skin rash to develop after exposure which makes it hard to remember unless you are keeping a diary.

    The more info you can give the Rheumy, the more you get out of your appointment.............Claire
  4. Nikita

    Nikita Member

    If my experience is anything to go by dermatologists are WORSE THAN USELESS when it comes to Lupus rashes (worse b/c they don't help but still charge like a wounded bull!). I have had quite a bit of success using rosehip oil on my various rashes including the malar rash - just don't use too much as it will cause pimples. Rub it in well twice a day and of course put your sunscreen on over the top. good luck.

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