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mepacrine anyone

Discussion in 'Cytotoxic / immunosuppressives' started by jayne hall, May 5, 2015.

  1. jayne hall

    jayne hall Member

    is anyone else taking a combo of mepacrine plaqenil and high dose vit d along with lisinopril?

    as soon as it gets to 9pm im nodding off
    can so many meds make you drowsy or is it just the lupus in general
  2. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    We have a few members who take mepacrine here. It is likely to be the lupus activity that is making you tired. Do you get much rest?
  3. jayne hall

    jayne hall Member

    yes i try to but i do all the housework shopping gardening etc no one lifts a finger to help me
    i wake up at night for the toilet too
    i feel washed out now i always seem to have a thick head and feel stressed
  4. omen

    omen FKA Clare.T

    I have taken the mepacrine and plaquenil combo for many years and love it. It can be very effective for disease control and the mepacrine can be especially energising.

    I don't know about the other meds you mention. I take Vitamin D3 but now my levels are normal it;s not ahigh dose. Make sure you aren't taking more than you need.

    It's important to eliminate other reasons for fatigue which include anxiety and depression, hyperthyroid and anemias. There's also simply doing too much and what's described as failure to adapt. Adaptation can take many years.
    I don't recall which famous woman said " If you treat yourself like a door mat people will walk on you".
  5. jayne hall

    jayne hall Member

    my family do treat me like a doormat

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