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Methotrexate and the Sun??

Discussion in 'Medications' started by ByrdsBaby, Jul 21, 2018.

  1. ByrdsBaby

    ByrdsBaby New Member

    Added Mtx a few months ago. So far I don’t hate it. Was way more freaked out about it than I needed to be. Shouldn’t have put it off as long as I did. Day after I take it sux! And I’m definitely noticing an increase I’m my hair loss, which naturally hurts my heart. I’m a woman and I had very thick curly hair. Not so thick no more. But it’s been thinning the past 3 years. Anyways, my question is my Rhumey asked me if I noticed if the Mtx has helped with the bright red rash I get on my face and neck I get from the sun. I always have some shade of a Malar rash but 10mins in the sun lights me up. I also get different types of rashes where I’m not covered and sometimes where I am if I’m out in the sun too long. So has anyone had it help with the rashes from photosensitivity? What I’ve read says it can make me burn in the sun. It’ll be Awsome if it helps with that. Since it’s only been a few months and I avoid the sun when ever possible I haven’t tested this out yet. If anyone has noticed if it helped them with this I’d love to know. Thanks.
  2. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Hello and welcome.

    I don't take Mtx but my daughter does. The first thing she noticed was it helping her rashes. She still lights up like a Christmas tree if she goes out but indoors she is much better. It has only been 6 months so she is hoping for even further improvement.

    Take care,
  3. ByrdsBaby

    ByrdsBaby New Member

    That is very encouraging! Only been a little over two months for me. But I’d be thrilled if it would just cut the rashes in half . I’m used to the red face, it’s all the other various rashes. Some itch some don’t. People stare and comment. My kids who are all teenagers get really fiesty with people about it. Then I have to tell them it’s fine, when it’s really not. Adults especially should know better.... Just gets old. I’m excited for the improvement your daughter has had so far and I hope the Mtx continues to make things better.
  4. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Thank you. I hope you see some improvement soon also.

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