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Moringa Powder

Discussion in 'Complementary therapies' started by Soundy, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Soundy

    Soundy Registered

    I never heard of this until a friend who has lupus brought me two bags.
    Enough for 5 months if used according to package directions.
    She says it helps her with joint pain, inflammation and energy. It has few flags as to negative
    side effects but one is if you are on BP meds that your BP could drop too low as
    it can also reduces blood pressure.
    Has anyone heard of or used this product?

    I've had it for 2 weeks and it remains unopened. I wanted to discuss it with my
    doctor and then maybe try it. Problem is that I won't see him for a while because I
    answered in truth when I was asked why I needed to see him and said I want to discuss a natural
    supplement with him. This is low priority. Had I said I have a new rash, swollen joints,
    headache etc I would have been seen with in 48 hours. He's been great and open to my
    suggestions always. I've seen him for 23 years.

    Our local Hospital was bought out by a big conglomerate or what ever they call themselves.
    They gave local doctors choice of working under contracts from hospital or lose hospital
    privileges. The result... we lost alot of good doctors who had been here for years. Some moved
    on and some retired. My doctor is a full time doctor with a full time farm. His family is from
    here and his plan is to retire one day and farm only.
    That all said "the company" receptionist screen visit requests and decide when
    you are seen according to why you want to see him. He hates it and said he wished he had told
    them to jump in the lake and transferred to a different hospital to send patients too. But figured
    that many patients he has seen for years wouldn't want to go to the county north of us for treatment.

    Part of me wants to just start it and monitor BP and adjust my meds down or take less of the
    Moringa. I get tired of joint pain and swollen knees and ankles. But good sense is saying wait
    until I see doctor.
  2. keebler

    keebler Moderator

    Hi Soundy,

    I would clear it with my doctor too! Could you email your rhumeys nurse?
    I'd rather be safe than sorry.
    This is just my opinion,
  3. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    I agree with Lyn. In the meantime you could ask the pharmacist about it.
  4. Soundy

    Soundy Registered

    I'm without a rheumatologist. I depend on my PCP to keep me going and he's been better than most of the
    specialists I have had. I have left a message with his stand in nurse yesterday. His regular nurse fell and broke
    her ankle about 2 month ago, has had two surgeries on it and is on leave until end of August. The stand in said she
    would leave him a note. The regular one would have spoken to him and had me an answer by next day. I understand
    the new nurses way of doing things. The old one has known me 23 years.

    That said I am just waiting. I've had to deal with issues for so long that a few more weeks waiting doesn't matter. If he
    gives me the go ahead to use it I'll come back and report any improvement or negative responses to it.

    My mom will swallow anything that says "natural" on it because if it is natural it has to be good. She has had issues because
    of this behavior and blames it on original reason she took a supplement or compound that was labeled natural. Whats funny is
    she was a CNA for years. She should know better.
  5. Soundy

    Soundy Registered

    Decision is to use with caution and check BP more often at home and check in with office weekly.
    Not to see doctor. Just run in and have nurse take BP. Got this last week and still have not started using it
    because I hate change and bad side effects that often find me with new products be them supplements or medicines.

    My orthopedic doctor wants to do a total knee replacement on both knees.:( I'm bone on bone and having
    more pain but just not mentally ready for it. I have my last consult October 4th to set up surgery. Have to decide if I
    want to do worst knee, both knees or skip the whole thing. The moringa powder has taken back seat. I am still curious
    and would hope it might help some symptoms but still in holding pattern until I see him on the 4th.
  6. sagehen

    sagehen Junior Member


    I think you are wise to wait on the Moringa powder until seeing your doctor the 4th. I am very leery of natural cures. There are so many being touted as the latest cure, or helper for inflammation on the market. My dad brought me several bottles of a green liquid years ago. He said an old Indian man told him about a cure for Lupus. My dad brought me about a dozen bottles of the green mystery liquid. I was so desperate to feel better that I actually took all the bottles, and stored them in my refrigerator in the garage. I took about two big tablespoons of the liquid after my dad left to go home. Whatever it was, it amplified my illness tremendously. I ended up in the E.R. that night. I could not talk or walk right. I was falling down, and slurring my speech. What was worse, I didn't even know what it was to give that info to the doctors at the hospital. I never took that green liquid again. When I told my dad what it did to me, he told me that I probably took too much of it. He meant very well, and I am sure the person that gave that liquid to my dad, gave it to my dad in good faith, but boy! did I learn a difficult lesson.

    I will never ever take any supplement, or new medication until it is proven safe and effective. I know sometimes, we are so desperate to feel better that we think it is worth the chance to take something that is still being tested, or listen to someone that tell's us it worked for them.

    It is always right to wait until your doctor approves the supplement or vitamin, or whatever it is being recommended to us.

    Best wishes on your knee replacement surgery, Soundy. I know you are in terrible pain with bone on bone pain. I will be thinking of you during your time of difficulty with Lupus, and your upcoming surgery, dear friend.
    God bless and keep you, always.


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