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My CBD Oil trial

Discussion in 'Complementary therapies' started by Surferboy, Apr 13, 2020.

  1. Surferboy

    Surferboy Registered

    Hi guys,

    Further to this Thread

    Firstly, I want to just say that this is my personal experience and I'm not in any way suggesting others follow my trial without first speaking with a medical professional please. I'm also not promoting any product, but for the purpose of my experience, I have stated the product I'm using.

    I recently begun taking CBD Oil and thought I'd share my feedback. I must state that my prescribed medication remains the same though - Plaquenil. Mycophenolate. Prednisolone.

    I've been wanting to trial CBD oil for some time as I've heard so many good things about it. I spoke with my rhumy who said there was no harm in me trying it, but she stopped short of giving me her views on it. So, I started taking the oil on 16th of March and I'm now almost a month in. I'm currently taking 3 drops 3 times a day. The oil I bought is this one

    And if it's not pure coincidence that my symptoms just happened to have reduced, or I'm experiencing the placebo effect, the results of CBD oil seem to be quite shockingly good!

    My joint pains have reduced massively. My fingers are less swollen. I'm able to do some weight lifting again. My knees don't hurt as often. I'm not as fatigued in the mornings. My energy levels are back again. I've spent a lot of time in the sun over the last 2 weeks and so-far-so-good.

    What CBD oil hasn't seemed to have helped with very much is the muscle pain behind the legs. I don't know whether this is the Lupus or the fact I have a rubbish chair I sit on for hours on end when working, and also the fact that I'm not walking as much due to the horrible situation we all are in. I do also suffer from a bit of sciatica.

    The CBD oil also hasn't helped very much with evening fatigue. Sometimes I'm asleep on the sofa by 10pm. Normally I'm a night owl and become awake after 10pm. But again, I don't know whether this is a Lupus thing or the fact that I'm awake by default at around 6:30am every blooming day! And so by 10pm I'm rightly shattered.

    I'm going to continue taking the oil for another month and see if the positives continue. I'll then stop it for a month and see what happens. Will I continue to feel better without the oil? In which case, it might just have been pure coincidence that my Lupus improved. Or will my aches and pains return? In which case, I'm jumping back on to the CBD oil.

    To be continued.....

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