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My Daughter had a stroke at 13

Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by kartina, May 10, 2011.

  1. Pink Pearl

    Pink Pearl Registered

    Hi Kartina, and welcome to the board.
    I don't have any info to add, but know that you have been down a very long road together. I pray that you are able to see improvement in your young one. Hopefully the medications proposed will bring a successful result for your daughter. How is she doing attitude wise? Has she been able to keep up with her school studies while in hospital? The children's hospital here tries to keep them up with school activities as much as possible.

    Positive thoughts for you and your daughter.
  2. kartina

    kartina Registered

    hello sally,

    No im afraid we r trying to get her coordination exercises etc she is not ready for school at the moment as she still have weakness on the left side im afraid but I think it s a good idea to start soon I will speak to her school.She s quite good in terms of attitude but she tends to be very needy which at times put a real strain on me as i have to think of the other 3 kids and though on the work front is very-very supportive bugs me as well. My routine is staying with her throughout the nite and can only go home noon the next day after the doctors have made their rounds and physio becos she tends to not want to do her exercises when im not there. My mum-inlaw will be ard at about 10am to take over and the whole cycle starts again at about 8-9 in the evening and it is close to 3 months. At this moment its driving me a bit loony. I get 2 or on a good week 3 times rest when her father takes over the night shifts, sleeping in my own bed.

    Feeling a bit stressed, tina
  3. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    Tina, :hug: not suprised you are stressed, it is exhausting doing hospital visitng, and trying to sleep in one!!! :worried: It is good you have family to help you, it is important to get some time for yourself. Especially since you so have many people making demands of you.

    I hope your daughter continues to recover.
  4. kartina

    kartina Registered

    Thanks debby, I felt like venting it felt good...and you understanding was a plus. Hugs, tina
  5. kartina

    kartina Registered

    hi everyone,

    I would just like to update you my daughter, Dhania has now been discharged from ICU and now under observation in the normal wards. She didnt have to take ritux at the moment as they ran a test and found her B cell is well under control so they would be running this test weekly and monitor. They have decreased her pred. from 60mg to 40mg which worried me to be so drastic. But so far she only complain of back pain but when she was given hot packs she said it helped. So tonite she felt some pain again but again the hot pack helped. We ll see how it goes meanwhile everything seems to be going well and oh home leave this sunday yea....after nearly 3 months she ll be home for the day.

    Update you guys soon... hugs & kisses,tina
  6. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    Great to hear that things are going well !!!

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