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My Poor Patio Garden Needs Help...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Karly1964, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Karly1964

    Karly1964 Guest

    My patio garden has sufferred through my first summer of being diagnosed with sle etc, but I hope to do better by it this year. That's my pledge to it and in the presence of people who may ask me about it as the summer goes along.

    I don't have much room but I normally have black-eyed susans, purple cone flowers, some daisies, some hostas, some lilies of the valley and some butterfly plants that should come up on their own. Every year all I try to do is fill some pots with annuals, and have some hanging baskets of flowers on shepards hooks that I have around, and keep my bird bath full.

    I need to clean up excess stuff that has accumulated and get rid of the dead plants and weeds, that I find is the hardest thing to do because I don't have the energy often and it is really sunny out there in the morning when I have the most energy of the day. But I am going to make a concerted effort to get it looking pretty again. Especially hanging baskets of flowers, which I really think add to the patio and also sometimes give hummingbirds something to eat ass they pass by.

    Hopefully Little by Little I will be able to make headway during these cool somewhat cloudy days with a hat and some sunscreen and be ready when the plants come into the nurseries and stores I will be ready to make my patio a pretty place again. The statue of Buddha doesn't look all that happy surrounded by weeds.:sad:

    Wish me luck and energy!:pixiedust: :foryou:
  2. ALWIN

    ALWIN Guest

    :pixiedust: Pixiedust: Pixiedust:

    :wand2: :wand2: wand2:

    Luck & Energy, Luck & EnergyLuck & EnergyLuck & EnergyLuck & EnergyLuck & EnergyLuck & EnergyLuck & EnergyLuck & EnergyLuck & EnergyLuck & EnergyLuck & EnergyLuck & EnergyLuck & EnergyLuck & EnergyLuck & Energy

    All the best

  3. Christine UK

    Christine UK Registered

    Hey i love my garden to ...but can only "potter" and hubby likes to sit in it lol !!!

    So we totally had it redone a couple of years back...low maitenance is what i wanted and its great...lots of puts and shrubs etc...all really flourishing...

    My budda has a real smile on his face now !
  4. Soundy

    Soundy Registered

    Our yard slopes up away from front of house ... we just finished
    the house at Christmas and are hoping to do landscaping this
    spring and summer ...

    I want to dig out the bank and wall it with my James Herriot
    stones I have been collecting and make a kinda patio with an awning
    or arbor so I can sit out there out of the sun... pots and stone flower
    boxes with little maintenance because I don't usually feel good very
    long outside and no one else is much interested in plants that don't
    turn into hay for the cows...

    I do have some rose bushes scattered about the perimeter of our "yard"
    part of property... right now there is no division between the yard
    and hayfield that we are at the edge of... the kids also have four
    ornamental pear trees that were about as big around as my thumb
    and about 3 feet tall 5 years ago when they got them at an
    Earth Day Carnival in town ... now about as big around as a softball
    and a good 8 feet and bushed out ...

    I also have a pet bald cypress tree ... it was about 5 feet tall and
    as big around as a broom handle when I got it for $5 out of the half
    dead trees at Walmart...originally $39... I have tote carried water to
    it the last three years we have been in drought... it is as thick as my
    wrist and about 12 feet tall... it would be happier near the creek but
    we have a family of beaver down there would not last long... and I
    would hate to have to go kill a beaver for just being a beaver :) ...

    the tree is like me ...stubborn... people have told me ever since I set it
    out it would not grow here because it is wrong zone ... so I take
    extra measures to safe guard it and guarantee it's growth

    After brain surgery last July I told my husband that if it died before I
    was able to take care of it he would be moving to the couch to sleep...
    tree made it through drought that some trees in the wood didn't ... he
    carried it a bucket of water in the morning and one when he
    came in at night... the couch is not that uncomfortable... :) ...but
    he was taking no chances

    Sorry for rambling ... I used to love being out in the yard but now
    come in itchy and with scaly scalp if out much... still too chilly for
    me to go out much in the evenings like I have done last several
    years... everyone else was out earlier with T-shirts and I was in a
    jacket and freezing

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