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Need advice please re:work suport allowance

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by purplesnowflake, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. purplesnowflake

    purplesnowflake Registered

    I just had a shock letter from work to say my sick pay has been halved and that will end in March. I thought I was ok until May but now I'm in a panic as even on full pay money is tight.
    I have been signed off until 4th April and I am unsure even then things will have calmed down. I seem to be on a rollercoaster of symptoms from feeling ok to legs not wanting to stand in a matter of minutes.
    I have applied for contributery work support allowance but will need to apply for full benefit in March. I am concerned because my symptoms are so wildly varied. Yesterday morning I could change the bed and wash up but today I struggle to get up stairs and stand to make a cup of tea. If I need a medical it will be someone's law I will be able to walk in ok and stuff.
    I am scared of it all and also the financial nightmares not working will bring. My hubby works but without me working we will struggle to pay bills and mortgage and loan we took out to move a couple of years ago. I know his income affects the benefit.We also recieve rent form a house but it gets gobbled up by the mortgage.
    If anyone has any advice how to tackle this nightmare.
    I am also without a conclusive diagnosis though they say it is a lupus like disease and they must think it is that as I am having chemo.
    I am unsure how being undiagnosed will affect things.

    Sorry for going on.

    A very stressy purple:snowflake:
  2. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    Hi, sorry you are having this difficulty. Being ill is bad enough without the extra added stress. You need legal advice such as the CAB to tell you where you stand and what you are entiltrd to. DLA for example is not dependant on a diagnosis it based upon your ability to do certain tasks and takes into account variability. I wish you well.
  3. Vina-Del-Mar

    Vina-Del-Mar Registered

    Hi Purple,

    Sorry to hear the problems you are having with your sick pay - it's ridiculous. I agree with Deb - it's bad enough being ill and on top of that having to deal with stress which aggravates the symptoms.

    Im the same hun, one minute I can do things and the next I can't. It's impossible at times to plan things because you just don't know how you are going to feel.

    Are you in the UK cos again as Deb said the CAB can give you good advice on benefits such as DLA and long term sickness benefit. Both of which are not means tested. Also look at which has loads of helpful information and telephone lines for advice. I found them very helpful.

    Hope things start to sort out and good luck with your chemo. Please keep us updated.

    Take care xxx

  4. mishmash

    mishmash Registered


    feels like i could have written this my self. will be interested to see what help is available. i too am ok somedays and others can not function at all! i too do not have a firm diagnosis but have been told that i have a auto immune arthritic possibly lupus, possibly MCTD type thing???? not that it helps. lol

    i too am struggling with work and they are trying to dismiss me and i only get paid for the hours i am able to work so financially struggling is to say the least.

    Am sending you hugs and best wishes as i know how awful it is and how much worse it can make you feel.

    Take care of yourself and hope you find some some sollutions soon.

  5. orangelily

    orangelily Registered

    Hi try not to get stressed!!easier said than done I know. Have you contacted the CAB or DIAL organisation, also go on website it gives you information on employment/sick pay/benefit entitlement.

    Also why dont you give ACAS a call and see if they can suggest anything to dont have to be in a Union to ask their advice.

    I would however take Legal Advice if your employer is trying to dismiss you or anyone else who reads this post

    Take care everyone and be safe and pain free
  6. lynseyH

    lynseyH Guest

    i am currently in tribunal stage of application for DLA - im the same, cant work but cant afford not to! currently am forced to continue full time work- but with a 2yr old and being 27wks pregnant i know im pushing my luck. My rheumy is behind me 100% on this and his support is the only reason im still in the process. apply, then keep applying!! apparently start of financial yr is best time to apply - or maybe im being cynical?! good luck - and remember to always present your 'worst day' symptoms on the claim form.

    good luck x
  7. Ooohmekneeshurt

    Ooohmekneeshurt Registered

    hi purple...;
    ESA and DLA are so confusing; but there are three things you need to know.
    1) the UK benefit agencies exist to stop people getting benefits
    2) ESA and DLA are about your abilities and inabilities, and it is those they examine with some gusto. It is NOT about what illness you have, unless you are terminal. Dont be surprised if they coldly write back and TELL you that you are not ill, even though as you say you are on chemo. Its only if medical opinion has given anyone a terminal diagnosis (for anything) will you find that ESA and DLA being given immediately and without question; Anyone else who may be severely and critically ill, can expect to go through the mill.
    3) What you need to do is to tell them honestly what daily problems you have,... and DONT be big and brave, if you are struggling let them know. Unless they have a major change in attitude, and this will not simply apply to those with AI issues but to many, one can expect a fight. Also expect some ticks from them; they will try to insinuate things or put false positives in Reports; EG I played Golf back in the 14th centuary, have not played for over 10 years because I cannot,......... yet it was put in my ESA Report that I had 'problems' playing golf, insinuating that I still play now. I can sit down, but end up dancing around because of discomfort and pain in my legs,...... they just say he can sit without problem. Writing the ESA claim form took me 4 days, not because I had problems with the questions, but because of cramp and pain in my hands, they said I completed the Form without problem,....... even though I told them and put that in writting.

    I am currently in Appeal; the claim went in nearly 12 months ago, and it is still not resolved. I cannot work, cannot heat my home and cannot eat correctly, and have considered an 'exit' plan; but the most hurtful thing is a DWP doctor saying that I will be cured within 3 months. I know this process has caused a decline in my health; who knows, within days or weeks I might be hospitalised yet again, and then instead of getting £60 a week I will be costing the State £600 a week,..... but I will have a warm bed, food, and care.
    I understand Governments have to check, have to legitimise claims,......... but this is way beyond a joke. I thought that I might die because of PF, RA, MCTD, but its might not be thesethings it could be ESA.

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