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not healing fast & scarring, how to prevent that?

Discussion in 'Looking Good, Feeling Better' started by SueC, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. SueC

    SueC Staying Simple

    Hi all,

    How are you?
    I have a problem. I get itchy in areas all over my body sometimes without reason.
    Luckily they came and went and weren't persistent long. The problem I'm having is that I like to scratch a lot, and I get scratches and they scar badly. They don't heal fast either, and they always, always, leave a nasty ugly scar. I've had them on my legs, my hands and my arms, and even my back. So I'm like wondering what to do to prevent that. I tried rubbing instead of scratching, and rubbing with a hand-sanitizing towels and tissues, etc. But they still leave scars. For infections, I've got an anti-bacterial cream and since I apply them till the lesion gets dry and cover it up while I'm working so that it won't get infected, it seems okay.
    Any suggestions on how to reduce the scars or better yet, prevent them?

  2. dmarie

    dmarie Registered

    Hi SueC,

    My doctor told me to keep a cut I had covered because it would heal better. Something about keeping it soft. I took his advice and it did heal nicely and with no scar.

    My husband likes cocoa butter to put on a freshly healed area to prevent scarring.

    I like to scratch too. :sigh:
  3. x_claire_x

    x_claire_x Moderator

    Hiya Sue.....I have a scar on my nose from a pretty horrendous infection in my skin/face a few years ago...(lucky to have survived it..) I have been using bio-oil on the old scar and rub it in religiously every morning and it is looking pretty good these days. It may have improved anyway of course, I will never know !

    When I had my carpal tunnel done I was advised by the consultant to use it to reduce the scarring and to rub it in very firmly to break down the was helpful.

    Hope you find something to help soon........Claire
  4. SueC

    SueC Staying Simple

    Hi dmarie & Claire,

    I'm going to try both on the scars I have on my palms.
    Those are the areas I like to scratch most, and the shin & legs.
    It's just a pain to wear short skirts, & i'm tired of trousers.

    Thank you for your advices.

    Sue :)

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