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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Karly1964, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. Karly1964

    Karly1964 Guest

    :shrug: :help: :mail: When I get the Stimulus payment next month I know already that I need to buy some minor items of clothes, and maybe some shoes, but I was also thinking about pets. Since Keegan has a wonderful home I am missing the noise and company of animals. I'd like to get two parakeets, if two are allowed here that is, and a nice cage with plenty of things for them to sit and play on. I have had all the other animals allowed except a cat, and my worrying about shots etc. stresses me out too much.:eek: But I want to make sure that they will fit into my life before I get them, you now maybe wait until this flare passes or I have a bit more energy, although putting seeds and water out isn't too hard, put then there's the sweeping up of the feathers and seed hulls. I usually go visit a friend south of here several times a year, but she has not mentioned it or talked to me or written me since I gave the dog back. Plus I really don't know how much energy I will have to travel and spend the late nights and running around she does, I always feel like ind of a party pooper because I am always tired and kind of grumpy. If I do go I think I have several people who would be able to care for them while I am gone, and I could just pay them a bit of money to help. I love :love2: birds anyway and I think they would be able to entertain themselves when I wasn't interacting with them. The cost of feeding them too wouldn't be as much as bedding or food for a larger animal, and there is no pet deposit for birds that's a big plus, 200 dollars I don't neeed to save.:p What do you all think about that choice for a pet? Karly
  2. sam101360

    sam101360 Registered


    My Friend is a bird owner. Here's what I have learned...Birds if you get a pair, will not readily interact with you as they have each other.

    Parakeets while cute are pretty stupid birds.

    Something slightly larger, like a conure or bird like that can be a wonderful, amusing and loving pet.

    Make sure that any bird you buy has been raised as hand fed.

    Hold the bird and play with it before you buy it.

    Get a cage with a slide out bottom (much easire to clean) you slide it out and wash it in the shower with bleach and hot water. Dry it and put in new newspaper. Slide it back in.

    Larger birds (not as big as a parrot) can eat some table food, veggies, noodles, etc. They will let you know what they like.

    They can be trained to poop over a garbage can, shower in the sink, etc.

    Make sure to keep their wings clipped - they can be amazing when they fly...but they can also fly away...

    I think that's probably enough to get you started.

  3. Karly1964

    Karly1964 Guest

    Are conures big birds? Or are they love bird sized? I can't have a larger bird that will scream and make lots of noise. Cockateils are another choice, as well as a parrotlet, but they cost a whole lot, I was also thinking for the singing factor a canary, my grandma had one all the time and he sang his little heart out and was quite adorable. I had just read that one bird is better than two when it comes to parrot like birds. So one will be great. Haven't made my decision yet just thinking about it, anyone else feel free to chime in with your opinion. Karly:wink2:
  4. mysharonna

    mysharonna Guest

    Hi Karly,

    I had 2 parakeets, when I was younger (not at the same time)

    Yes, they are not extremely bright as Stephanie pointed out, but can be taught lots of tricks and to interact. Both of my birds sang beautifully, and the loud squalking was minimal...if they got scared or something.

    My birds loved mirrors...they sat in front of them all day singing and talking to themselves :) I did let them fly around my home occasionally, but I think it was more of a fright for them since it was not on a regular basis, they were not used to it. Some people do leave the cage open, and allow their birds to come and go as they please at certain times of the day..but then you have the issue of them possibly getting out of the you'd have to be sure things were secure.

    Cleanup is not so bad, especially if you buy a cage with removable bottom tray. I think they would make a lovely companion for you, and are pretty low maintenance.

  5. mysharonna

    mysharonna Guest

    Oh..LOL ! Both of my birds loved pizza- As soon as the pizza box appeared in the doorway they jumped all over the place until we tore off the crust and stuck it in the cage for them to pick at :)

    Yea, we did have alot of fun with those birds!
  6. junestar

    junestar Registered

    Hi Karly.

    Cockatiels can be very noisy but they are good fun, they can be good at mimicing noises. Things like telephone rings and tv theme tunes, some are very good at talking.

    I have 2 males, 1 I got 2 years ago he loves to talk but not to me, he talks to the dog:rotfl:

    The other 1 I got 2 months ago aged 12 weeks old he mimics the older 1 and is now talking. They like toys and hunting for their food.

    The pullout tray makes cleaning much easier.
  7. Karly1964

    Karly1964 Guest

    My friend just lost a cockatiel and he used to whistle the theme to The Andy Griffith Show, say pretty bird to keep you from covering him up, he also used to say b**ch to my friend's case manager, :eek: well she was not a nice person! :mad: The worst thing he imitated was the fire alarm, :rotfl: he would do this anytime my friend got out of sight, but not when she went out the front door.
  8. Karly1964

    Karly1964 Guest

    Also have friends who have a starling who they saved when he was injured, he makes lots of noises, although he wouldn't be my first choice. When I lived with my mom I had two Australian Zebra finches, but they insisted on waking up very, very early and peeping their little heads off, and they slung their seeds all over the place. Plus they were so small and flighty I couldn't handle them they were more to look at. Karly

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