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Penny soup

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by pennylp, May 28, 2008.

  1. pennylp

    pennylp Registered

    I just wanted to share this soup I make , it is healthy and very tasty....

    My day care children call it Penny soup.... such the name has stuck now for almost fifteen years...

    1 onion chopped
    3 ribs of celery chopped
    3 carrots... or however many you want to put in...
    I can of whole tomatoes
    yellow beans
    green beans
    1 potato cut up in cubes
    corn, I put in frozen that way I can put in a couple of handfuls...
    I large can of kidney beans
    noodles of any kind.. I like egg noodles or rotini.. but it doesn't matter what kind you like
    Two boxes of chicken stock...
    large container of clamato juice if you are able to get it if not you can you vegetable cocktail or tomato juice... I buy the extra spicy but of course some might not like this...

    you add one tbls of olive oil to pan and saute, onion, celery, carrots and potato.... when softened add stock.... Tomatoes, and juice... And the rest of the vegetables cook on low... adding noodles add beans near the end..

    cook noodles in seperate pot... add at the very last five minutes... this soup is very low in fat and very healthy for you... it would not hurt to have this as a snack at night.... I do not put loads of noodles in, just enough to say there are noodles in the pot...

    with the extra spicy clamato juice the only spices I use it salt and peper...
    but if you can't get that.. I would add a little hot sauce to the juice and shake before putting it in the soup pot... I know this sounds weird in a soup... But I have given this recipee out to a ton of people and the kids can't get enough of it.... they do everything but eat the bowl...:lol:

    love Penny
  2. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    Penny this sounds good!

    Do you know the UK name for yellow and green beans!

    I know we call zuchini a courgette. We do have green beans, i.e. string beans, runner beans etc!

    Love Lesley
  3. pennylp

    pennylp Registered

    HI Lesley,

    Of course I should have thought of that... yes they are string beans...

    Love Penny
  4. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    Thanks Penny!

    What about the yellow ones - chick peas, yellow peas, haricot!

  5. LoopyLoo

    LoopyLoo Registered

    This sounds really good Penny - I haven't made a pot of soup in ages. Hmm, I'm hungry now :lol:

    Thanks so much, :hug:

    Pam xxx
  6. acard

    acard Registered

    That sounds yummy and very filling!!!!


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