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Pic of baby at last!

Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by cinderashes, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. elle-co

    elle-co Registered

    awwwww she is just too cute, and so full giggles. Enjoy, enjoy enjoy

    Elle x
  2. Jen79

    Jen79 Guest

    Your little baby girl is so cute. I know you must be so proud of her. Congrats!

  3. pennylp

    pennylp Registered

    Hi there,

    Wow she is a cutie and that smile.. what a doll... she is beautiful.... :wishes:Congratulations again...

    love Penny
  4. florie

    florie florie


    What a beautiful baby . Loved the photo of her. Enjoy her and give her kisses from me. And a hug for you mommy:congrats:

    Florie :)
  5. elainepink

    elainepink Guest


    bless she is just lovely
  6. ALWIN

    ALWIN Guest

    Wow - what a fabulous dimple!

    She looks absolutely gorgeous.

    Take good care of yourselves!

  7. she is precious! thank you for posting the picture of her :)
  8. mysharonna

    mysharonna Guest

    What a beautiful little bundle!!!

    She looks like such a happy baby..bless her!

    Enjoy every moment :)

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