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Poor me!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Becks, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. Becks

    Becks Guest

    Monday night I was putting the rubbish out in our flats when I was on the way back up to mine when I slipped, whacking my head and cutting my chin open in the progress. I couldn't get up for a few minutes and lay there shouting for help but no one came (depsite me laying right outside 2 people's front doors!) :cry:

    There was blood EVERYWHERE and I couldn't work out where it was coming from! My boyfriend was out for the night and I didn't know what to do! I knocked on the flat below me and they cleaned me, then I staggared up the stairs and rang my friend over the road who's a nurse and she came over and informed me she thought she could see bone!!! :eek: So she rushed me to A&E where they did a splendid job of glueing me back together.

    I had yesterday off work where I found out that several people in our flats had complained about how slippery the floor was but nothing had been about it!

    I now can't chew anything at the moment so am on a soup diet at the moment and feeling really stiff and sore!

    But it could have been worse - I normally run the rubbish down in my pyjamas! :lol:
  2. Joandublin

    Joandublin Registered

    Aww Becks :sad: :hugbetter:

    What a terrible fright you must have got :sad: Poor you is right... That sounds very painful. I hope it heals soon for you. Soup diets are the pits.

    I hope thet BF is looking after you alright??

    Much hugs and sympathy
  3. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    OUCH!!!! That sounds really painful and very frightening :(

    sending plenty of healing hugs to you

  4. Karly1964

    Karly1964 Guest

    Ouch!! That had to hurt and be very scarey, hope the liquid diet goes ok, those are hard to do. I hope you feel better soon, very soon. Take care.
    :there: :posy: Karly
  5. Taree

    Taree Guest

    Hi Becks. Terrible that no-one came when you called then still staggering upstairs in pain! Love soup but not as my main source of nutrition so I hope you heal super quick and feel better soon!:)

    I hope it doesn't take another injury before they do something about the floor... the next person may well be wearing their jammies at the time!
  6. helloos

    helloos Registered

    Oh no. I am sorry that you took that fall and it does sound quite painful. Thank goodness you didn't break anything and that you were fully dressed !

    I hope that you heal quickly and changing your diet to ice cream is good too and you now have an excuse to eat it !

    Wishing you well. [​IMG]
  7. LoopyLoo

    LoopyLoo Registered

    OUCH! I really did wince when I read your post - what an awful experience. You have every right to feel sorry for yourself.

    I really hope you feel better soon. :hugbetter:

    Pam xxx
  8. Becks

    Becks Guest

    Thanks everyone, feeling a bit better now then i did earlier, had a cup a soup 2 yoghurts and a fruit smoothie for lunch - the most I've eaten for a couple of days!

    Paula that is a great idea about the ice cream! :)

    One thing for sure is that I won't ever be taking the rubbish out again! ;)
  9. Clare.T

    Clare.T Registered

    Hello Becks

    What a frightening and painful experience ! I hope you are well on the mend today and glad it wasn't worse or you broke a limb. Not being able to manage the stairs is my greatest fear.

    I have wondered about having an accident in my flat which has stairs in it as well as being two flights up. Hubby is around most of the time though.

    It's very possible nobody would hear somebody yelling on the stairs since my neighbours are in bed early, real elderly or deaf or watching telly and the place is very well built. Of course if you were unconscious you cxouldn't yell. Strange really, considering we live in what must be one of the most densely populated area in Europe or even the Western World.

  10. LolaLola

    LolaLola Registered

    Dear Becks, That sounds like a nasty shock and I bet you will find other bruises etc. coming out over the next few days.

    It definitely sounds like a formal complaint to your landlord, maintenance firm or whatever is called for.
    x Lola
  11. Primrose1960

    Primrose1960 Registered


    Sorry to hear about your fall, you must have got a terrible fright, I hope you heal up soon and can get back to solid food soon,

    Take care,
  12. Becks

    Becks Guest

    Thanks Primrose, Lola and Clare. I've taken off my main bandage this morning and my chin is a gorgeous shade of yellow! I bought some bio oil and vitamin E at lunch as well which are suppose to help scarring so I'll be using these as soon as the scab falls off!

    I still can't chew anything which I'm finding really distressing as I'm getting really sick of soup!

    My BF rang the manager of our flats and he sent a letter to the cleaning company as apparently they spray the floor with polish! He himself came round and rewashed the floors and put non slip polish down. Apparently we're suppose to be getting new floors this year - fingers crossed!

    Our rubish needs putting out again but my BF hasn't done it yet despite me asking a few times - men hey?! :lol:

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