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Premature rupture of membranes

Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by kelomungus1, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. diamonds

    diamonds Registered

    It made me so sad to read this post. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    I think any tests relating to Lupus or APS are a mystery. Sometimes they show up, sometimes they don't. From what I have read they can be there one week and gone the next. I have also been informed that they can be present during pregnancy but disappear when not pregnant. I think that's what makes these conditions so frustrating sometimes.

    My placenta infarcted in my first pregnancy and my ob was sure it was probably due to APS or another clotting issue. Tests revealed nothing. BUT he wanted me on aspirin regardless in my next pregnancy. It was great advice as I suffered less complications.

    I would suspect that regardless of what future blood tests show that your specialist will advise either heparin/clexane or aspirin in an attempt to avoid such a tragic loss in the future, just as Maia has said earlier.

    Again I am so very sorry for your loss :hug:
  2. kelomungus1

    kelomungus1 Registered

    Thank you all for your kind messages.
    I have been in contact with the hospital and will be putting in a request in writting to sit down with my consultants with all my questions. I am sure they had valid reasons for not doing things but I dont feel able to move on until I know all the details of my care. I am sure my feelings of anger are normal and I am hoping that the staff dont feel offended by my wish to discuss this.

    Thanks Natbat for your message, I have joined the other forum and found it a source of comfort. I just hope all the negative feelings about the staff at the hospital stop coming into my head soon, I know it is not going to do me any good in the long run.

  3. kelomungus1

    kelomungus1 Registered

    I have just been on the phone to the PAL's lady.
    I am such a mess at the moment I dont want to speak with the consultants directly, so she is acting as a go between.

    Aparently they did not do an APS test before I left Delivery Suite, the last one was done at 7 weeks. They would not do another untill 8 weeks time.
    I am not happy with this, rightly or wrongly, I feel let down, and like they dont really care that this happened to me.
    I feel like they used my beautiful little girl as a test run.

    Surely it would made more sense to do this at the event and not 2 months after.
  4. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    Is this 8 week time apppointment what would be considered as your post natal check-up? Have you asked the PALS lady to ask that specific question for you...will it have made a difference...will it still make a difference delaying the blood test now!

    (((hugs))) you are a very courageous lady to keep battling at this time, but please remember to take a step back and have some rest time.
  5. kelomungus1

    kelomungus1 Registered

    She has come back to me now and i feel a bit beter for he explinaiontion heyve given me. At least I know why they are not doing one.
    Apparently after birth, even now I would produce a false positve. So they do it at the postnatal apt. I forgot, they injected me with Clexane in the leg or something like it after the birth. it makes sense.
    However I am still confused why no one did the tests after 7 weeks when I was having major bleeds.
    To find out why is the only thing keeping me going at the moment.

  6. fuzzybee

    fuzzybee Registered


    Am so sorry to hear that your baby girl wasn't with you for long. I hope that everyone concerned at the hospital learns about what happened and find ways to stop it happening again.
  7. mooks

    mooks Registered

    I just wanted to say I am soo sorry to hear about your daughter. It must be the hardest thing ever. Just wanted to send my love
  8. kelomungus1

    kelomungus1 Registered

    Thank you for all the replies.
    I have been looking at the hughes syndrome site and it appears quite a lot of the syptoms I have had in the past and seen the Rheumatologist about indicate there is a possibilty I may have this. I hvae writte a letter to the hospital detailing this, with a listy of questions.
    The big give away was my ongoing issues with low cortsol, lacy rash all over my body, and lots of broken capillaries and small vesells in my legs.
    I hope I am wrong, and i am sure my consultant will explain this to me, but i have a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomache I should have at least put on asprin. I am almost certainly sure I should have had more tests after the 5th week of pregnancy, especially after I had lots of bleeding.

    Just waiting for the explination now as due to a lot of help from here and the sands forum I have been able to explain all my concerns and questions.

    Thanks again for all your help,

  9. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    Kelly, I hope that when you get some answers it will help you to find some peace.

    Gentle hugs
  10. pippa10

    pippa10 Registered

    Kelly I am so sorry for the loss of your baby daughter it just breaks my heart. I hope and pray that you can get some answers that will give you peace of mind and allow you to grieve for you baby daughter.
  11. kelomungus1

    kelomungus1 Registered

    Thank you again for all your help.
    I recieved a letter from the hospital dated last Monday stating they would contact me within 5 working days to arrange a meeting.
    I have been able to ask pointed questions with all the help I have recieved. In the mean time i have seen my usual consultant and he thinks I have symptoms of DVT. Hopefully it is noting, but best to get it checked now. It might mean my suspisions of a clot on the placenta being the cause of Maeves early arrival was right.
    Thanks again,
  12. downandout

    downandout Registered

    I am no Dr so I would be scared to give any information. It is very important that you go see your Dr I would think though just to see what he thinks. That is the best advice I can give. I feel for you and hope things turn out for the better :)
  13. kelomungus1

    kelomungus1 Registered

    Well, they accidently sent me a copy of the post mortom results with my copy notes. This was incredibly stupid, we were not suposed to have them untill after a consultation. There was noting wrong with my perfect little girl, however my placenta was only healthy in one lobe. with a big clot at one end, beneath the clot it was "firm and congested" suspect I know what this means, and I dont like it.
    Other issues have arisen after seeing my notes :(
    also seem to have had a positive SCL70 test in last couple of years????

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