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re claim

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by sue123, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. sue123

    sue123 Registered

    I have lupus discoid can I claim disability allowance if my husband works
  2. Vina-Del-Mar

    Vina-Del-Mar Registered

    Hi Sue,

    DLA is not means tested. If you are having difficulties with daily tasks such as dressing, walking, bathing etc etc then you are entitled to claim DLA. Be prepared to complete a lengthy form and make sure you put every detail down. Try not to do bullet points and do not leave out information as they will only come back to say they need more info. If you got copies of letter from your consultant(s) then dig out the best ones and send them copies. Also get someone like the CAB to help you with the completion as they are clued up in that area and will help you with wording. Also ask your husband what changes he has noticed. You may have done a task a certain way and without realising you have naturally adapted to doing the same task differently. Those closest to you would have noticed changes that you may not be aware that you are doing. I had to do the same and asked my family.

    When they ask you about walking difficulties they want details in measurements but if you are unsure and I am with metrics lol - I actually put down how I walk and when I stop to rest. For example, I walk a few steps then stop then do some more then stop etc.

    Good luck xxxxx

  3. Clare.T

    Clare.T Registered

    Welcome Sue

    As Eve mentions DLA is based only on how physically disabled one is regardless of cause or diagnosis except in very special circumstances. Discoid Lupus doesn't affect one's ability to function however horrible it is to live with . Systemic lupus isn't always very disabling either and doesn't automatically qualify for DLA.

    if you are finding personal care very difficult or have problems walking or performing necessary chores you can apply whatever the cause and regardless of means.

  4. sue123

    sue123 Registered


    THANK you for all ur information, I am going back for the results of my blood tests in April to see if I have to start taking anti malaria drugs, I will look at the forms carefully.
    sue xx:)
  5. Ouchthathurts

    Ouchthathurts Registered

    why not download the PDF claim form from the Govt website. That way you can fill it in at your own pace over the next few weeks and make sure you don't forget something and you can easily make corrections too.
    When you are ready to claim, take it along to CAB and ask someone to help you.
  6. Ooohmekneeshurt

    Ooohmekneeshurt Registered

    Sue, YES you can. If you are not comfortable with filling the forms out, get some help,..... and dont put a brave face on, if you have difficulties, let them know what they are.
  7. sue123

    sue123 Registered

    Thank you everyone for all ur info
  8. LolaLola

    LolaLola Registered

    Dear Sue, Discoid can be hard to cope with. I don't have it myself but can imagine how depressing it must be. (My Father had Vitiligo) Do remember to mention on your Claim if you are having problems coping with Depression, managing to get out etc.
    I hope you are able to get some help. In some ways although the money is very welcome, the validation of being recognised as having an illness can also be important.
    x lola

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