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Recently diagnosed

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by Will, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. Will

    Will New Member

    Well I just received my 2nd opinion so Lupus it is which I find very, very odd that not many men have this but many many women do. I am not currently taking medications as I did go 100% plant based eating and have been joint pain free for four weeks now, I don't know that I will go on medication if modified eating can get me the results. The only thing that has not changed is my level of fatigue, but I've felt this way so many years it feels normal.
  2. Jessica1

    Jessica1 Moderator

    Hi Will and:welcome:

    We have a few male members on the forum and I'm sure they'll share their experiences with you. In any case we're all in the same boat and we all hellp each other along.

    Has your rheumatologist got a plan to start you on medication? Commonly Hydroxychloroquine/ Plaquenil is the baseline drug that is used for Lupus which for me was a game changer. I started to feel so different that I actually realised how bad I had been feeling if that makes sense?

    I've since had methotrexate added to the mix and a couple of others with the odd burst of steroids to kick it into touch. A lot of people look to change lifestyle habits which can only be good but personally speaking, I wouldn't be without my medications.

    All the best anyway, you'll have to let us know how you get on.
    Best wishes,
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  3. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Welcome Will.

    We have several members like yourself wanting to stay away from medications. It works for some and not others. It will help if you figure out what your triggers are. A few of mine are overdoing, sun, and stress. When I limit those things I flare less often. The reason doctors like to prescribe Plaquenil right off the bat is because they have found it offers kidney and some sun protection. Unfortunately fatigue seems to be a constant battle for many of us. Keeping the disease in control helps though.

    Take care,
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  4. Will

    Will New Member

    Well I have red splotches under my eyes. It isn’t first but maybe the worst. Oh my gosh what the hell next?!?!?!
  5. wolf1

    wolf1 Registered

    I’m not able to take meds coz the turn against me so I have steroid injections. Haven’t had any since last November so hope I don’t get to bad
    Keep safe
  6. Surferboy

    Surferboy Registered

    Hi Will, welcome to the forum.

    I'm surprised but happy a plant based diet seems to be working. I'm a veggie but find it hard going fully plant based. But what I have found works for me is CBD oil. The real thing or placebo effect? I don't know. But it works either way so I'm happy. Speak with your doctor or consultant to get advice for you as everyone tolerate things in different ways.
  7. Will

    Will New Member

    Thank you everyone. I have not had any triggers as of yet. I have an appointment Thursday with my rheumatologist and they will prescribe Plaquinel. I am hesitant to take it, but with Covid and my kidney disease I think I will try listening to and doing what is suggested. I get depressed about all this. Before my diagnosis I was in constant pain in my joints. But changing my diet took it away. I am grateful but I have to be hyper vigilant about everything that enters my mouth. I just want to get high and veg out. But I’m a manager of a plant and I frequently work side by side with my laborers trying to regain my strength from losing 50 lbs in 8 weeks. I’m so tired and weak but I force myself daily to work up a sweat every day and get my heart rate up NN the 140’s.
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  8. MissDaisy 1

    MissDaisy 1 Member

    I have been taking Plaquenil for close to four years. At the start my GERD symptoms increased but that settled down. I do have to see my eye doctor yearly as Plaquenil rarely affects your eyes. Your rheumatologist can explain all that.

    Hope this helps!
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