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refused again !

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by claire22, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. claire22

    claire22 Guest

    I have been refused for DLA for the second time even though my g.p's and consultants all were in agreement that I should be accepted !! has anyone got any advise as I have to go to a hearing now to plead my case ! I feel like no-one believes how bad I am because I " look well " any advise would be much appreciated
    Claire x:)
  2. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Hi Claire,

    I'm afraid I don't have any advice, I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry to hear that you have been refused again :(. I'm sure others will be along with their advice.

    for now, sending plenty of hugs,

  3. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    Hi, Claire,

    Sorry to hear you were refused!

    My Mum has MS and first time round was not refused but put on the lowest scale all her medical carers were very shocked. The next time round someone at an MS centre help fill in the forms for her. They told her that she had under explained her problems on the forms (denial of her lack of abilities/tiredness/walking distance before feeling tired). When the independant GP visited she also did not admit fully all her problems.

    Its seems that there are people experienced in form filling (benefit claims) who can help with completing forms either at the Citizens Advice Bureau or Legal People or I'm sure some of the drop in centres would offer their help and support to Lupus suffers (after all it is an autoimmune disease as well and the disabilites in cases are similiar).

    My Mum with the help of MS Centre is on full benefit for life, has and a scooter provided and all fitted in a mobility car-what a change from being on the lowest!

    Try, try again, and dispute the descision if possible (get expert advice on this). GOOD LUCK,

  4. karen.w.

    karen.w. Registered

    hi claire

    I am so sorry to hear about your refusal,how frustrating for you!:mad:

    claire I agree with lesleys advice regarding trying again & getting help with filling the forms in.
    when I applied I went to the citzens advice & they were so helpful,I had no problems at all..they filled them in based on my not so good days & my typical mornings,they didn't exaggerate,they were honest but if I had filled them in I would have probably based them on my good days :rolleyes: although saying that this year my good days have been few & far between!that's the thing unfortunately we can never guarantee how we will be.

    you must be so upset claire,please dont give up though I know of a couple people who have had to appeal a few times to finaly get the right decision.

    best of luck to you..sending you big hugs :hug:
    take care..karen x
  5. lupie lou

    lupie lou Registered

    Sorry to hear you were refused, i can only echo what the others are saying...... I got my Lupus unit to help with the forms and all other specialisets put there input to, I do also no that you have to fill the forms out as you are having a bad day! I had some one out to my house and i gave him all leaflets ect on SLE so he can go away and do some reading for others ect...... hope you get sorted soon mate
    lOVE lOU XXX
  6. RubyRed444

    RubyRed444 Guest

    Hi there

    I was refused twice as well, I did however do the forms by myself. I sat for ages and felt angry frustrated and all those things. Then someone suggested to go to appeal..You are entitled to this!!!

    I called and had missed my slot for appeal, they said that I needed to write a ltter and explain why I had missed the deadline and write I did. I explained exactly how I felt about the situation and that I felt deflated etc etc and they agreed to go to appeal.

    They also suggested that I be more specific as to how it affects my day to day living in your own words. These ppl that agree or disaggree these forms are not medical professionals they are just admin clerks, you may write a whole list of your meds but they dont really know what they are for they are merely familair with the names. So best thing to do is try and accept that you werent refused by people that know as such just by a normal bod, so if you were to read someones form and you didnt have any problems you may not realise the extend of what the forms say..God I hope I havent confused you...

    So I suggest you appeal and stand up and be counted dont feel intimidated, write a letter of the day to day things in your own words that effect you. send it off with the appeal, while you wait add any further dx and meds etc and rheumy appts as the appeal part goes on forever...

    I did all this and the sent me forms saying the appeal would be hedl 200 miles from my home, normally I would have done anything to get there but I said to myself no I am not putting myself through that I am I said I couldnt attend, I had school children etc and just couldnt do it..

    So I didnt and lucklily for me the appeal was accepted and the payments were backdated for nearly a year..

    So give it a go and I hope this post is the push you need to stand up for yourself and beleive in yourself and go for it...

    Good luck and sorrry for the ramblings
  7. claire22

    claire22 Guest

    thed you are right most of the people that make the decisions aren't medical professionals
    I will fight
    I will win !!!
    Thanks for all your support everyone x

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