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Resizing photos & images

Discussion in 'Tech and test' started by Joanne, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. Joanne

    Joanne Administrator

    To resize photos/images to post in our gallery or to use as avatars or in your signature-

    Here is a free program that will do both very easily.

    - In the Files tab, choose the folder where all the images you want to shrink are located. In the bottom window, choose the images you want to resize.

    - Go to the Settings tab and choose the Max Width and Max Height, make sure both number are the same.

    - You will want to rename the new smaller images. Go to Prefix/Suffix and type _th or _small, or anything else you want at the end of the new smaller images.

    - Make any other changes, Brightness, Contrast, etc. by using the sliders. I recommend JPEG Quality to remain at 80%. You could play with the quality setting, but recommend not to slide it below 60%.

    - You can preview the result by clicking the Preview Output tab.

    - If you are satisfied with the results, click Make All at the bottom right hand corner of the window.

    - If you know the size of your image, for example 1200 x 900, set the Max Width and Max Height to 1200. Basically, the image size will not change.

    - Use the sliders to change Brightness, Contrast, etc.

    - Change the Prefix/Suffix to _final or _edited or anything else you want to use to identify the edited image.

    Avatars & Profile pictures

    Registered users can have avatars and profile images up to 100x100 pixels height and width.
  2. mooks

    mooks Registered do i get my photo up there
  3. itchy709

    itchy709 Guest


  4. lisylou

    lisylou Determined radiographer


  5. jessierose

    jessierose Guest

    hello Im new and seeing if this is working;)
  6. Stacielee1967

    Stacielee1967 Registered

  7. marbiegreen

    marbiegreen Guest

    how do I post my picture?
  8. marbiegreen

    marbiegreen Guest

    testing my picture
  9. elisabethm

    elisabethm elisabethm

    Testing my picture
  10. lizzymiya

    lizzymiya Guest

  11. helloos

    helloos Registered

    how to put pic

    I cannot remember how to do this. After I resize it, do I click on attachments on here? I want to post a pic of a rash. lost and forgot
  12. helloos

    helloos Registered

    figurd it out
  13. countrylass

    countrylass Registered

    Hi i want create new photo album,
    of skin rashes.
    carnt do it says photos so big so uploaded that thumnail link joane posted.
    carnt work out how then get them onto site as photo album.

    tried without thumbniaing them to jpeg from digtial camera
  14. jetster

    jetster Registered Users

    Mel, Don't resize your pictures. Those are only for your avatar picture so it does not exceed the 100x100 pixel size.

    Do this:
    1) Make a new album, THEN click to UPLOAD IMAGES to your Album
    2)Click the +ADD FILES BUTTON at the top right of the screen, a Small window will Popup
    3)In the Small Popup Window Click SELECT FILES BUTTON...The opens up a Windows Explorer Window
    4)From within the Windows Explorer Window, navigate on your harddrive to the directory and image file you want to upload and CLICK on its filename
    5)After you click on the filename, it will be listed in the small window that appeared in step 3. If you want to add additional files, CLICK, SELECT FILES BUTTON again(as in Step3) and add more files. After you have the files queued that you want to upload, CLICK the UPLOAD FILES BUTTON...You will now see Thumbnails of the file or files you uploaded. Put a CHECK MARK(click) in the small box at the lower left of the thumbnail image.
    6) Click the INSERT INLINE BUTTON at the lower right of the screen and your image will be uploaded. Do a preview of your post to see if its to your liking. Note, if you CLICK THE ATTACH IMAGED BUTTON it will just attach it to your message, users would have to click it to download it.
    You might have to drag images from the top pane where your uploaded images show, down into the lower(bottom) pane for them to be uploaded on subsequent uploads. After a few tries you'll get the hang of it.

    See if that works for you.

  15. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Thanks Jetser for posting this here. I think this thread needs updating to the the current site's "norm". I'll try and look into that at some stage when me poor ol' brain has been located but in the meantime your post means that people should know how to do it :bigsmile:

    You're a star Jet :yes:

  16. jetster

    jetster Registered Users

    Katharine...thanks but I"ve not really done it and I did noticed too that there is a setting in the forum settings to use Enable Enhanced Attachment Uploading and I think thats set to enabled as its default. It allows drag and drop with image attachements. I really haven't tried the instructions but Daisy246 was successful in uploading using them. I did a quick little test and tried to recall from memory(fogged at times) the steps. I hope they work.
    I'm not absolutely sure about resizing either like how Countrylass wants to upload from her camera because those images are huge. I think the system resizes them. I don't have a digital camera. I never tried. Anyways, resizing to 640x480 should do the trick if the images are large. Oh well.....maybe someone else can add more.

  17. daisy246

    daisy246 Registered

    Hi Jet, yes you're right, when I uploaded my image following your instructions the system automatically changed it to a thumbnail. Very handy!
  18. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Hi there,

    No, the system doesn't re-size automatically. To do that you need to use a photo programme on the computer or upload to a photo hosting site - they often have easy options for re-sizing. You can also set your camera to use less pixels when actually taking the photo. Depending on the type of photos you take and how you use them (i.e. how big you blow them up to print) you can usually set the camera lower than we tend to. One example, my tiny compact camera which takes useless photos has images bigger on automatic setting than the SLR which takes very good photos... go figure!

  19. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Ah, just saw your post daisy - yes it makes it thumbnail size but if the original is too big you get a red cross and it won't upload in the first place.

  20. jetster

    jetster Registered Users

    Good info Katharine. The pics of rashes I have, my brother took them with his camera. I know he said he resized them(640x480 and some to 1024x768) because they were very large. I don't have a camera. I really don't take pics.


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