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S.S. Review and Today's Rheumy Appt.

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by ceenic123, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. ceenic123

    ceenic123 Registered

    I have been on S.S.D. since 2001 for herniated discs in back,carpal tunnel syndrome,arthritis in ankles, and pinched nerve in neck. Well, they have decided to review my case. They sent a form to the Rheumy's office for him to fill out. With that being said, he wanted me to go in to see him so that he can fill out the form. He examined me and asked me questions...
    Do you have Fatigue?....Yes ...All the time
    How many Flares from the Fibro do you experince a day?....approx. 2x a day
    etc...... So I tell him that I can't afford to pay for Lyrica ($65). So he has now prescribed Gabapentin (aka Neurontin). So now he wants me to take that and Plaquenil. I explain to him about a new pain in my arm and how some of my hair falls out, but no empty patches on head. He said that he will be keeping an eye on it. He wants me to go back in 1 month and he stated that he wants me to retest for the Lupus test at that time. Mind you it will be my 3 time in just 3 or so months. Both ANA test were postive, everything else was negative. I think he is finally getting it...At least I hope. I guess he didn't realize that I have been in pain for a long time, even though I explained this to him. I guess he sees that now because I am already receiving S.S.D. Benefits. I also saw that he wrote on my paper to give to the receptionist that i have a High ANA and fibro. I guess maybe he is rethinking about possibly giving me a Lupus diagnosis. Or maybe not.....I guess only time will tell. Just wanted to share my experince of today's appt. Thanks for listening/reading my rant.....lol:hehe:
  2. keebler

    keebler Moderator


    Don't you feel like a ping-pong ball with doctors,sometimes? Just like grrr please make up your mind.

    I hope your new med kicks in fast for you to get some relief.:hug:

    Having you come back sounds promising. Keep on going and hopefully you find out what is going on.:hug:

    Take care,
  3. KarolH

    KarolH Registered

    I wish you luck with the review and please keep us posted.

    Once you get past this SSD review you may want a second opinion at U of Miami. Just some food for thought.

    Let us know how it goes.;)
  4. ceenic123

    ceenic123 Registered

    I do feel like a ping pong...lol:eek: This is the first Rheumy who said that I don't have enough symptoms to fit the criteria for Lupus. He did seem very different towards me today, like he Does belive me, not like the last 2 times.
    I will definately be gpoing to Miami for that second/third opinion...lol.
    I only went back to this Rheumy because S.S. sent him the form to fill out. It was nice to see the change of attitude towards me. But, because he wasn't so pleasant last time, I am still not to happy with him. I don't forget how people treat me. Thanks for hearing me. I hope all is well with you all.:)
  5. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    Hi, glad the rheumy was nicer this time, it is frustrating trying to get a diagnosis. I hope that the gabapentin helps you, I take it for nerve pain and have found it to be good.

    Take care


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