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Scratch cream of tomato soup

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Pink Pearl, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Pink Pearl

    Pink Pearl Registered

    With the economy as it is, many people are planning veg gardens to help with their budget. Here is a base for tomato soup you can make in one batch, or you can make a lot of it and then can it. Make sure you use a pressure canner as the tomatoes need that method to be safe.

    The amounts will be up to you to determine on how many tomatoes you have to use.

    tomatoes - peeled and diced
    onions - diced
    celery sliced thin
    optional: basil
    chicken broth
    salt & pepper to taste

    bring the above to a boil, simmer until all veg are tender
    if you want the soup base smooth, vs chunks, use a stick blender or put into blender to puree, you can control a bit of texture by how long you "buzz" it.

    make a cream sauce of:
    rice flour (or wheat if you can use it)
    bring to a boil and simmer until thickened

    add soup base to the cream sauce, blend and serve. I sometimes put a pat of butter on the top to serve.


    If you can this, follow the manufacturer's directions on time for processing. You can also freeze this and thaw as you want it.

    This base also makes wonderful swiss steak or used over a white fish

  2. keebler

    keebler Moderator

    Thank you for sharing the recipe Sally.
    You have my mouth watering.:eat:

  3. Pink Pearl

    Pink Pearl Registered

    Glad it appeals to you Lyn. Having lived on a celiac diet for over 35 years, I have learned a lot of survival methods and have 2 4" notebooks filled with recipes.
  4. KarolH

    KarolH Registered

    So your a good cook and gardener too huh...:wink2::wink2::wink2:

    Thanks for the recipe.
  5. Pink Pearl

    Pink Pearl Registered

    Hi Karol,
    Guilty as charged. :hehe:
  6. sheila t

    sheila t Registered

    Thanks Very much for the recipe. Sounds Yummy

    Sheila x :)

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