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Discussion in 'Complementary therapies' started by Laura Waite, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Laura Waite

    Laura Waite DX Oct 2016, attempting natural healing

    I'm a new member (today) and I came here to search for information and stories about Serrapeptase, and honestly, i'm shocked that there's nothing on here.

    I discovered this digestive enzyme this week after having my worst flare ever. Someone on Facebook actually mentioned it and I started googling it right away. I was surprised I had never read about it before.

    I'm on day 4, and let me tell you. It is shocking how good I feel. Very strange things are happening, but in a good way.

    I'll write more later when I have a good few weeks under my belt. I encourage anyone with pain to google it, ask around, ask your doctor about it.
  2. NelliefromTexas

    NelliefromTexas New Member

    Hi Laura. I will not take prescription meds and am always searching.

    A few months ago, I found Ashwaganda for BP and energy; Curcumin for pain/inflamation; Dr Gundry's Reds and Probiotics for stomach health and energy.

    Within days, less joint pain, shorter rest periods, and no brain fog. :thumbsup:

    This week, I started Glucocil (Dr.Oz' advice) for blood sugar, and finally am not continually hungry. yay.
  3. NelliefromTexas

    NelliefromTexas New Member

    One note on alternatives.
    We all know to:

    Check the ingredients, no GMOs, fillers, etc.
    Buy from a reputable company
    Expect to pay as much as prescriptions (just better for your body)

    Personally, I search my health sites, then buy Amzn, after reading the current reviews.
  4. keebler

    keebler Moderator

    Anyone considering alternatives please check with your doctor before taking them. Some don't work with your meds and could cause more trouble and make it worse for you. Talking to your doctor is a must.

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