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she home

Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by lfb, May 16, 2008.

  1. lfb

    lfb Guest

    my baby girl was born 3 month to early and weigth 2,11.. after spending two month in hospital we are now home...with our litlle one BUT utteryy tired and no idea what day our time it is..
    but soo please my baby is fine and home.. that all that matters...
  2. KarolH

    KarolH Registered

    Congratulations to you and your little one and I am glad your baby is home now and you can start to enjoy being a mom.

    Take naps when you can and do not be afraid to ask for help from family.

    It is a hard job when you first bring them home and it will wear you out.
  3. Katharine

    Katharine Registered

    Congratulations to you!!! You must be exhausted but I'm sure happy and relieved too.

    Hugs to you all,
  4. keebler

    keebler Moderator

    Congrats on your new little one.

    I bet you are tickled to have your baby home. Now that you all are home you can relax more and get caught up on some much needed rest.

    Take care,
  5. Maia

    Maia Registered

    Congratulations! That must have been a scary time with a long hospital stay but now you're home and can hopefully relax a little and enjoy her even more.

    You'll get some more sleep in a half year or so... :)

    Thanks for the update, so glad to hear it all turned out well despite joining this world 3 months early!
  6. cinderashes

    cinderashes cinderashes


    It is utterly exhausting but SOOOOO worth it, soon she'll be rewarding you with that first smile and it wipes out every ounce of pain and worry and exhaustion, just you wait!

    Wishing you a lifetime of happiness with your child. You and your family are in my thoughts

    Ash x
  7. karen.w.

    karen.w. Registered

    Congratulations on your baby daughter!! :cheer2: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9:

    It must have been a very worrying time for you but I'm so glad your daughter is now at home :)

    take good of care of you both,I hope you have plenty of support.
    hugs to you & your special little girl :grhug:
    love karen x
  8. LolaLola

    LolaLola Registered

    I had nine weeks with my Son in Neonatal Care. You will be amazed at how much better they come along at home, and you will find that having had so many frights already you are almost shockproof!!!
    Just Take Care of You, Little One and Husband and Enjoy this time.
    Never mind the dust.
    (Also my tiny one grew to be 13 stone, he was small for about the first five or six years-like a Dolly, but you would never know now)
    X Lola
  9. pennylp

    pennylp Registered


    Children are such a gift.. I am so happy that you have her home.. I hope you get some sleep soon.. Try and take naps during the day while she is sleeping if you can... I have been going to our sons house to help my DIL so that when she is tired she can sleep and I will watch Abby... Our little Grandaughter is six weeks old...
    I hope all goes well for you, again congratulations.

    Love Penny
  10. Sage Hen

    Sage Hen Registered


    :) I am so happy to hear your good news. I know, it is a relief, to home with your baby girl.


  11. Raglet

    Raglet Registered

    congratulations on the birth of your daughter, and i am so pleased to hear that you have her at home with you now after that long stay at the hospital. That must have been a very worrying time for you.

    Welcome to the world little one, and give that baby a cuddle from me.

  12. mysharonna

    mysharonna Guest


    It must feel wonderful to have everyone home will find a routine soon, dont worry! Nap when the baby naps, resist the urge to get things done during that time...the dishes will always be there! :)

    Hope you all continue to do well!
  13. elle-co

    elle-co Registered

    What wonderful news!!!:)

    Having to leave my daughter in hospital after she was born 2 months early was so hard, but i will never forget that moment when I finally got to take her home!!! Enjoy every minute, you deserve it!!!

    Take care
    Elle x
  14. lfb

    lfb Guest

    thank all ella doing soo well she now weight 6.3

    just mee now on my 3rd chect infection AND WHAT IS SLeep

    she already lifeting ehr head and smilling
  15. Beanbag

    Beanbag Registered

    Congratulations and best wishes to you all.

    It is so much better being when you are in your own environment and alot easier to relax. Just make sure friends and family allow you time to rest and that they don't try and visit too often. Try setting times of day which are for you and your baby only to allow bonding and resting together.

    Enjoy your new bundle of joy. As a mother of 2 beautiful girls I can say from experience that it makes you feel so proud, even when they cause you heartache and worry as they grow older!!!

    Love and best wishes to you and your family

  16. cad

    cad Registered

    Hi Ifb,
    Many congratulations on the birth and return home of your little girl.
    Yes you must be very tired. My little girl was born at 27 weeks and spent 3 months on hospital, you just keep going cause you have to, then when they finally come home and you can start to feel the relief i think thats when the tiredness kicks in.
    I wish you all the best and hope everyting goes well for you and your family.


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