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should inform DLA

Discussion in 'Social Security / Disability Benefits' started by donna kosk, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. donna kosk

    donna kosk Registered

    ive got DLA low care rate only just for my lupus,since i got my dla ive been dx with rynards, ostio-artharightus(spellings)fibro,high cholestrol, posiable angina or nuromuscular so what do you think and could i be took off it if i question the rate.
    i got low rate care from febuary2009 till july 2010

    thanks and take care

  2. Fiona30ni

    Fiona30ni Registered

    Hi Donna

    My advice to you would be to contact your nearest Citizen Advice centre they helped me fight my case.

  3. Clare.T

    Clare.T Registered

    Hello Donna

    As far as I know diagnosis has no bearing on DLA awards except in the case of terminal illness with a life expectancy of less than 6 months when application is prioritised. The awards are made on the basis of what you can't do and need help with, whatever the cause, things like ability to walk, dress yourself, prepare meals and so on.

    If your functional ability has deteriorated since the award was applied for then you can apply for a higher rate. High cholesterol is not a diagnosis but a symptom or abnormality and it's not likely to affect your ability to function whereas a stroke or heart attack might. Having had a stroke or heart attack for example would certainly strengthen a claim of lesser functional ability but wouldn't make any difference in itself.
    My husband's stroke didn't affect his ability to look after himself in any significant way.

    Good idea to see CAB, if you can get to see them without camping on their doorstep for days like here, or better still call them, or make an appointment to call them. The DLA site says.

    I don't see how they could possibly take it away from you, simply for applying for a higher rate. People's conditions must often deteriorate sadly.

    if you satisfy the conditions of the higher rate, if you think that you are more 'disabled' than when you applied before then submit a claim for a higher rate. Have a word with your GP first usually their back up is needed. Have you been visited by OT with a view to assessing home aids?

    This is how DLA describes the different levels of need. To get a higher rate you would have to show that your needs are greater than they were.

    All the best
  4. not over the hill

    not over the hill over the hill

    hi Donna I recently had a flare and suffered two siezures a tiny heart atack and a possible stroke when i called DLA to check whether I was elgible for the top living allowance was told that they would look at the total package and they could alter and stop the package if they thouht it was no longer required
  5. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered


    It is really best to seek proffessional help with this one, Citizens Advice Centre would be a good start.

    We can have many illnesses and medications, but that does not entitle us to allowances.

    Most allowances are granted due to inability to perform daily tasks, whether due to weakness or pain, depression, sight loss, hearing loss etc.. There will be of course many more other reasons that count towards recieving allowances of payment or parking facility.

    Do you think you are more entitled/disabled, less able to carry out lifes tasks than when you applied for these benefits previously?
    If so then, seek advice then apply for more benefits if applicable!
  6. lin

    lin Registered

    all good advice given, i have a lot you have and i didnt even get anything back then, its only the last few yrs things got worse, i got things...
    and help unpaid of couse from DH!!

    if you have gtot far worse you can you know do it all over the phone with them, Lin x
  7. donna kosk

    donna kosk Registered

    thanks all
    you have all giving good advise ive got a review pack threw so do i or do i not,i know its all down to me i think i,ll check with my gp and see what he thinks.

    thanks again
  8. orangelily

    orangelily Registered

    Hi Donna think this might be useful to you and everyone else:- go to Benefits in Tameside this will give you good list

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