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SLE/LN 5 weeks Pregnant. WORRIED

Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by alisiajo, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. alisiajo

    alisiajo Registered

    My husband and I had gone to see a specialist and finally started to realize that I coulnt get pregnant and started looking into adoption. I have no problem adopting but I also wanted to experience what it is like to be pregnant. Once I stopped stressing about NOT getting pregnant, I got pregnant. I'm not sure if i'll be able to have more, depending on how the birth and such goes. If not we would love to adopt a baby girl after a couple years. It is expensive though so we'd have to save up some money. I'm not sure if his insurance covers adoption costs either. I know it doesnt cover for a surrogate mother so that was ruled out unless we could find someone ourselves to do it.

    I'm a shorter girl at 5' my husband is 6'4" and around 240lbs so he is a big guy. We also have no idea what our baby will look like. Most parents dont but maybe an idea. I have blonde hair, he has red and my mothers side and his father and mothers side is all DARK hair, my fathers side all have blonde hair. We could end up with anything. We've been having some difficulty deciding on a name, there are so many that we like it's hard to narrow it down.

    One of my friends has endometriosis and is now 32 weeks. She will most likely deliver early but she has had a good pregnancy. Her doctors told her they didnt know if she could get pregnant but if she wanted to try she had to do it soon. She had been trying with no luck so she had an ovary removed and about a year later got pregnant. Her pain did get a little better with pregnancy but that isnt the case with every women. I hope you're able to conceive but I agree with Colorchanger and adoption is always an option. There are lots of children out there that need homes.

    I dont like fish or tuna so that hasnt been a problem. I CRAVE sugars though. So I do drink some soda and love candy right now. My doctor said 8oz twice a day is ok. I've been making kool aid though because it's probably a lot better then my favorite Mt. Dew! I havent had to buy any maternity clothes yet, still fitting in most my clothes. I have a friend that donated some pants to me that shrunk when she washed them. I've bought some clothes in a size large that will probably work fine and are much less expensive. It's nice that i'm such a petite person because I dont need to buy maternity clothes really. Once I get a big belly i will need pants and I have to say I cant wait for that belly! I was with my family today for mothers day and they said they can start to notice a little belly on me which made me happy.

  2. tj8

    tj8 Registered

    you are so adorable! I am so happy for you. I am tiny...100lbs 5`3 so i wont have to buy them either unless i see something and am like i want that lol!!! I also am a red head! I am sure u have notice we are feisty and stubburn ;) we mean well though!! I think even more then that soda wise is ok, one can is 16oz, twice that or lil more would be ok, maybe more some days and less others. I have notice alot of my friends love mcdonalds fries cuz of the salt, you could eat that too to get ur salt fix instead of soda, also will fix the hunger also!! I hope you had your first amazing mothers day along with many many more to come, and one day you`ll be the one who gets the grandkids to play with!! I hear thats a blast too!! Adopting would be great, they usually get their own insurance paid for them for life!! just a heads up, my family adopted 4 children, it goes by their old last name cuz thats how they were in the system but their legal name is the one you give them!!! You do have to watch out for what their problems are and age...the parents of the ones we got were drugies and alcoholics, drank with one kid, drugs another and 2 of them she decided to leave alone but not sure if they have the drunken sperm syndrom yet! Anyways i will talk to you later Mommy!!!!When you see the baby you`ll know the right name!!!
  3. alisiajo

    alisiajo Registered

    STUBBORN as heck! If my husband doesnt get his way he turns into a baby lol. The doc said a can is fine, just as long as i'm not drinking a 12 pack can after can. I also have a sheet from the doctor that shows the sugar content and coffee has like 4 times the amount of sugar and some people drink that all day long. I'm not a coffee drinker, I think it would probably help lately because I havent been motivated at all. I'm not supposed to have salt because of my kidneys and when you're pregnant you retain enough water as it is the salt just makes it worse. I havent really craved it either. Mostly sweet stuff. I was thinking today about when he becomes a teenager and how crazy i'm going to be worrying boys can be destructive at that age. I worry about every little thing I do because they tell you that you cant do so much now days. I like to think i'm doing my best though. There are so many people out there who dont get any prenatal care and eat and drink unhealthy and smoke and they have healthy babies so when I feel guilty about not sleeping on my left side I think that I coud be doing a lot worse.
  4. alisiajo

    alisiajo Registered

    Went to Doctor yesterday for another measurement u/s. Baby is still growing normally. She said he's not going to be a tall boy though. Which I should have expected but I was hoping because my husband is 6'4" he would be at least 6' when he gets older. All of my family is short though and pretty much all of his is also. The doctor said i'm doing very well so far she expects complications to show up around 30 weeks and as long as i make it through those hiccups then she thinks i'll make it the long run. I guess I will be induced at the end of august or beginning of September because they dont want me to go full term. All is well so far so that makes me happy and a little more confident! Thanks for listening everyone!
  5. doris999

    doris999 Registered

    Hi Alisia,
    Aww that is good to hear that everything is going good for you and the baby. And to be honest i would'nt take the Dr's word on the baby being not very big they can be wrong with things like that, i had a friend just like you small, hubbie 6' 2, she was told the same, her son is bigger than his dad, but it does'nt matter anyway along as he is healthy and happy thats all you need ask for. I hope everything continues to go good for you, keep us posted.
  6. keebler

    keebler Moderator

    Hi Alisia,

    Great news that you and your baby are doing good.:)

    Are they inducing you at 36 weeks or later?
    Thank you for letting us know how you are doing. Please let us know how you and baby are doing.

  7. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    Glad to hear that everything is going well for you!
  8. countrylass

    countrylass Registered

    how lovely more exciting baby news so pleased your doing well
  9. alisiajo

    alisiajo Registered

    Well my Dr was right and pregnancy and SLE/Kidney disease do not go well together. I delivered my baby at 26 weeks. He was born at 1lb 3oz and 10.5'' long. I went for an u/s and they noticed that the baby wasn't getting enough blood from the placenta. Which the Dr was expecting either placenta issues or kidney issues delivering the baby early. So she admitted me to the hospital Thursday afternoon to give me steroids to help mature his lungs. My Saturday my blood pressure had shot up to 190's/100's. On Fathers day my husband got his baby boy Nicholas Aiden. So far he is doing ok, he has a lot of mucus in his lungs but that is normal for preemies I am praying it all clears up soon and he gets better. Dr said he will probably be in the hospital until September :( I am hoping the time goes by fast.

    Now I am doing Dialysis, and Aphereisis (sp). I ended up getting ttp and helpps syndrome. My BP is crazy right now because of my kidneys. When i'm sitting or lying my bp is really high and then when i'm standing up it's low and my pulse is around 130. Dr said all is fine my body is just trying to adjust after having Nicholas. I've been put on a transplant list incase I end up needing one. If i get a transplant then I could try having more kids a few years after. BUT if I dont Nicholas will be my olny child. And a spoiled one at that. I cant wait to bring him home and spend time with him. I was in the hospital for 8 days, in ICU for 5. Yes, what they told me would happen did happen but i dont regret anything at this point. I have my boy and I couldnt be happier. Hopefully he grows well and comes home soon
  10. Monica3

    Monica3 Registered

    Congratulations! You did it, your body did it! I hope baby Nicholas thrives and comes home to you soon. I'm sure things will be crazy for a bit as your body settles down, but think positive.

    By the way, we named out second Nicholas and we were also considering the name Aiden! Cool name!

    So excited for you...enjoy your new little bundle.
  11. colorchanger

    colorchanger Registered

    I am so happy you came through and have your beautiful little boy! Nothing can compare to the joy of a new baby! Get better quick so you can enjoy him! Give him a big kiss for me.
  12. doris999

    doris999 Registered

    Hugs to you, Hubbie and your little bundle of joy Nicholas, I just looked at his picture he is beautiful. :)
    Now that the delivery is over you must get your self strong for when your little man comes home,
    I hope you have a lot of people ready to jump in and help you, espeacially when you are tired and need a sleep, remember sleep when he sleeps i always did with mine, works very well.
    Enjoy your little man, take care of yourself as well,
  13. keebler

    keebler Moderator

    Hi alisiajo,

    Congratulations on your birth of your son.
    He is a cutie! I love the name Nicholas

    I hope you both get well and your family will be all together before you know it.
  14. briee

    briee Registered

    I wish you all the best,
    Hope you start feeling better so you can enjoy your beatiful angel baby!
    I am glad everything is turning out.. hope you keep us all posted.
    I hope one day I can have the happy out come as, I have not had the luck.
    When all calms down, and if you get a chance i would love to talk to you!

    good luck
    hugs & kisses to entire family!
    cant imagine the joy and worry!
    always briee
  15. Katharine

    Katharine Registered


    Wow, what an adventure and I'm sure a very stressful time too. I'm so glad that all is going well even if it is still early days for you all and that you have a long road ahead before Nicholas can come home to you (I have a Nicolas too but the spelling is different as his Dad is a French speaker).

    All the best for your baby, your kidneys and poor hubby trying to keep up with this all :lol:

  16. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    Congratulations on the birth of your son Nicholas!!!!! Try to rest up, I wish you all the best.

    Take care
  17. greenhaggis

    greenhaggis Registered

    :)That is super news, even though Nicholas was early and you are not to great....our kids make us strong and give us immense happiness (most times:wink2: ).

    Make sure you take good care of yourself, husband to, and of course hoping that Nicholas comes home soon from the hospital!
  18. Maia

    Maia Registered

    Congratulations on your baby boy! May he continue to grow bigger and stronger and
    need minimal medical intervention from here on out.... Hope you make a full recovery too
    without needing a transplant...

    Congrats again. :)
  19. fuzzybee

    fuzzybee Registered

    Congratulations to all three of you.


    Many best wishes for his continued healthy growth and that you recover well from the trauma of your SLE pregnancy.

  20. Maria Teresa

    Maria Teresa Maria Teresa

    Hi Sweetie, congratulatioms on your pregnancy. This should be a time of immense joy for you, and I am sorry to see that it is clouded by lupus! In my heart I hope thatyou get all the positive answers to allow you to enjoy and embrace the remaining weeks.

    Take care, and i hope all gord well for you and your baby.

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