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Something for My Throat?

Discussion in 'Complementary therapies' started by susane, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. susane

    susane Registered

    I keep getting strep throat, and taking antibiotics. Back when I use to be able to get the 'Miracle Mouth Wash' I didn't have that going on. I am sure that due to the lupus, and my sjogren's that I get a build up of bacteria, fungus or whatever we also get in our stomachs. I use regular mouth wash, but it doesn't stop this. The other rinse even one called 'Swish and Swallow' helped everything as it went down. I rarely even got a sore throat.

    My question is if you know of anything that I can take that would help with this issue?

    Thanks Friends
  2. VeeJay

    VeeJay Member

    Would zinc lozenges help? They coat the throat.
  3. Eileen T

    Eileen T Registered

    Hi Susane,

    Personally, I find that plenty of vitamin C in my diet does help to keep throat infections at bay. Although I enjoy plenty of fruit and veg, in the winter months I also take a vitamin C supplement. I rarely get throat bugs these days, but when I do, I also gargle with salt water (not to everybodies taste though :) )
  4. susane

    susane Registered

    Thank you everyone!

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