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STRESS! can't seem to avoid it

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by angieD, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. angieD

    angieD Registered

    Hello everyone.I hope you are all okay.
    I don't know whether this is the right place to post this, so if I 'm wrong I appologise.
    My eldest son had an appt with his immunologist last friday to start sublingual immunotherapy for severe hayfever.
    He had to start with one drop under the tongue, within about 5 minutes he said he felt faint and the colour drained from his face. He fainted & went into a small seizure , he stopped breathing for about a minute.
    They bleeped the consultant , he came and he thought that Craig could have heartblock. He didn't think the immunotherapy had anything to do with it.
    We had to go again yesterday , the consultant wanted to try him again but he was going to take precautions.
    He checked his pulse first and discovered he has an irregular heartbeat with ectopic beats also. He said he wasn't going to even attempt to carry on because if Craig had anaphalaxis he wouldn't being able to resussitate him and he'd most probably leave the room in a coffin ( his exact words) . He did an Ecg and he's referring him to a cardiologist. He also commented on Craigs chest , I quote; why have you got a great hole in you're chest.
    I did go harmed with a list of his past symptoms & a list of family history.
    Apart from the worry I have , that he may have Aps or lupus , I also think he could have Marfan syndome, He is over 6ft tall , extremely skinny ( 9. 5 stone)despite eating like a horse most of the time, hypermobile , very sunken chest ,his fingers & toes are very long and boney and his arm span is wider than his height.

    My yougest son who is extremely allergic to most things has a hydrocele ,we had to see a surgeon a fortnight ago. He said he needs an operation ,I'm so scared & I don't want him to have it incase he has a reaction to the anaesthetic, he can only tolerate one medicine for pain & only one antibiotic , what if he picks up an infection while he's in hospital.
    He's supposed to have the operation March or April , but I would prefer it if They could test him with what they will use on him first.
    My anxiety levels are so high at the moment I feel ill.
    I'm sorry this was so long , I only seem to come on here lately to moan.

  2. squeaky

    squeaky Registered

    Dear Angie,
    I have nothing to advise but I am sure if you could talk to your GP about your fears - especially regarding your sons allergy probs, they may be able to help set your mind at rest.
    All I wanted to say was that I am so sorry you are having such a difficult time at the moment and that it is very hard when it is your own children having health problems. Take care.
    luv sue.
  3. neongirl

    neongirl Registered

    What you are going through is awful:( . You certainly seem to be on top of things medically for your boys though! I agree with you that Marfan needs to be more closely looked at where your eldest son is concerned, it is great that you thought of that, a lot of people wouldn't have put the pieces together:) I think you are doing a great job looking out for both of your boys. As for the worries about anesthesia for the youngest, I would definitely bring that up at the appt. with the surgeon. I hope you get some good news soon and that all goes well for you and your boys. Take Care.
  4. Marika

    Marika Marika

    Dear Angie,

    Wow...u poor thing u and your boys are really being put through son went thru 3 years of (anti hayfever) therapy...just to let u know it came back about 4 yrs after the end of the therapy, and he still has asthma but not as severe (got him out of his national sevice here in Germany....but he still plays rugby)....anyway Marfan as you already seem to know can cause lots of problems....but to let you know my girlfriends son in UK has it...and was successefully operated on in the UK. if u want me to ask who their consultants ect were. please droĆ¼me a PM and I'll do it.

    Hang on in there....:)

  5. karen.w.

    karen.w. Registered


    I am so sorry you & your sons are going through so much at the moment :sad:
    you have every right to be worried about your son having anaesthesia.being tested first seems very sensible to me & I would definitely discuss this with the of luck.

    wishing good health for you & your sons.
    sending healing hug's to you all :grouphug2:
    please keep us updated
    take care...karen x

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