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Sun Block Recommendations

Discussion in 'Medications' started by Clare.T, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. My2Kitties2

    My2Kitties2 Guest

    for those in the USA...Nuetrogena makes a great sun block that is readily available at most stores...or on-line at cvs...
    Anything you use is better than nothing...but to absorb the vitamin D in the sun...I do not put it on if I am heading to the gym or running in the market for a few items or going out to the mailbox...I am not in the sun but for a minute or so and that way I get all that vitamin D out of the sun...if I am going out for the day then I don't leave home without it...
  2. Trindy

    Trindy Registered

    Hi I tried the Boots own make for the face which was 2for1 but it was scented and made my eyes sore and as I've just got rid of a horrible case of uveitis where my iris got stuck to the lense of my eye I'm frightened to use any other sun screen. I'm new to all this not yet diagnosed but have developed the rash on my face and I think maybe on my chest but sometimes i think I imagine these things.

  3. countrylass

    countrylass Registered

    Hi after help from aldies in chat room i foudn this section.
    i awaiting results lupus screening and elft wiht nothing to help so bought uva/uv whats is factor 30 albre solaire sucnream for children less scents in it seems to help bit.
    my dad has dle and uses uvistat factor 30.
    any updates re uk what sunc ream best i see a rheumatolgist but only in november gp dosent know much should i ask gp for it on presciption?
    im in limbo here meanwhile i go out sun and certain lights make me feel sick,face burns hot so much i feel dizzy/faint.
    keep saying this rooms so so hot and family say its not tis cold so i guess that emans i ahd alot inflammation.

    im on methotrexate 15 mg for sero negative ra,painkillers,anti inflammatories,folic acid.

    i using auqeous cream for skin it itches when gets really hot.feeling rather ugly only 38
  4. Amy Rankine

    Amy Rankine Registered


    Sunblock-wise my tip top advice is to use baby sunblock - not the kids stuff but the baby stuff. Its much lighter and gentler on your skin, doesn't feel too thick and really helps! I also get that lovely dizzy/faint feeling when outside for much more than a half hour and I find that baby sunblock helps. You can get this in the UK on prescription (easily if you have an understanding GP which are hard to come by these days!). I use Ambre Solaire.

    I come from a nutrient/food back ground and in regards to vitamin D you should get some from your diet anyways but I take a vitamin suppliment. In healthy people I'd always say you should get what you need from a ballanced diet but in our situation an all round multi-vitamin should help - anything that also has calcium in if your on steroids is a bonus. I take one a day. I don't get these on prescription. They also contain ginseng which I have found for me is like a little magic herb. I'm not sure if anyone else has taken this during a flare but I find it gives me a little bit more energy and feeling of well being that if I take a multi vit without it in. Could be I'm imagining it, could be a placebo, but I don't care cause it works!

    Hope thats of some help.
  5. Lily

    Lily Registered

    Hi all,

    Just a note of caution on anyone considering Ginseng:!ut/p/c1/fU7bUoMwFPwWP4A5BwsRH7HDTUsF0ULywkQHmRAIlCKx_XrTD6i7sy87sxdgYKj4Klq-iFHxHipgpN5ghBhtkw8Mkw0mXpx6O__NuDaU1wSp8QZ8hH08Dg1QYA83e7x7OKhxHq57q2g0vEOFTl10OKW7k0ovj6_ZJWiXQszlkz7KPqrkc8MHIhvCLHqYLN6Tc-u4R1qygipXhn1qZ5igve9yfeqCYPvDTey79-XX2ZNLLkQUh9Ysy18jl5IXP_tc88S5M0_pv08nqbSuXP8PB1_s-Q!!/dl2/d1/L0lJS2FZQSEhL3dMRUJGcUFNc2pNQy9ZSTV5bHchIS83XzMwRzAwR0NJVTBGSTMwSThITThMQVIzMDgyL3Rha2U!/!ut/p/c1/fU5djoIwGDyLByDfp65d9rESRFQUdRcoL6QxSEpLYZG16umtB3BnMi-TzA_kYKn5VVR8EK3mCjLISTHFADHwwh9chFMM3WXkbujBumNIXwlS4BtQhO2ybUpgkH--7XEnkOi2b157V1Ea-IYMP4pjjV20uejo8bWLH341HEWfzs2vVEEmVyVviCxJ7rCkc7gi98pf7ZhKpKciFWOI4229N5fap94ft5GzovJ0d-WwF8LXC6eX6c1qxsiaxj2bHE4j-5L9-7KT2phsRp83crKw/dl2/d1/L0lJS2FZQSEhL3dMRUJGcUFNc2pNQy9ZSTV5bHchIS83XzMwRzAwR0NJVTBGSTMwSThITThMQVIzMDgyL3Rha2U!/
  6. debo

    debo Registered

    This is one of the symptoms that I HATE most about lupus.....I hate having to protect myself from the sun!! Can't stand my WHITE legs!!! I don't particularly care for the rashes that the sun causes either. :) oh well......sunscreen here I come.
  7. lynettea

    lynettea Registered

    If you're in the US and will be spending time outside in the water, swimming or at the beach, I can recommend Bull Frog spf 50 as it's completely water PROOF, not just water resistant. It comes in a spray can with a fine mist. Even sprays upside down. It's quite greasy, but nothing beats it for lasting in and out of the water.

    Don't forget the top of your feet... the backs of your hands... your lips.... the tops of your ears.... and your scalp, especially if your hair is thinning.

    I found this spray that you put on the part in your hair to protect your scalp. It's in the car so I don't know what it's called but look for that in the sunscreen section. It's a pump bottle and lasts forever. It might be Banana Boat brand.
  8. littleboots

    littleboots Registered

    As if being fat, sore and tired all the time wasn't enough I found the facial sunscreens I used under make-up were blocking my pores and giving me zits! If you are vain like me and have more money than sense I discovered a lovely fluid from L'occitane that has an SPF 40. its called apple velvet face fluid and does not block my pores at all. It goes on quite white so may have zinc in it but it is very light and gives good protection so far and we've had some very sunny days here already.
  9. Miffy

    Miffy Registered

    I've just been diagnosed with solar urticaria and have been using Sun Sense on prescription and I'm having the same problem with my face and coming out spotty as all **** - I might look into the L'occitane and see how I get on with it.

    The Sunsense stops me coming up in hives but my arms and face in particular go quite red when I first put it on - no itching or obvious allergic reaction so I'll keep using it but I was wondering if anyone else gets the same?

    I've tried just about all of the commercially available sunscreens over the years and given up as highly allergic and they don't stop the sun reaction, I even reacted to Uvistat when I tried that. E45 was great for years but then suddenly I reacted to it with no explanation and even with the Sunsense I reacted to the senstive version but not the normal non-sensitive one. Very odd. The face cream my face isn't too keen on but my arms are ok with it so I used it all over a few weeks back when waiting for the prescription for the normal one to be delivered - it did leave my skin lovely and soft I'll give it that.

    I've just got myself some wash in sunguard for my clothes and I'm interested to see if that helps - except the second I washed a load of clothes in it the sun disappeared and hasn't been back since! :lol:

    My face is currently spotty for some reason and any sunscreen on it is making that worse so if anyone has any other tips for a good face cream for very reactive skin it would be much appreciated. If it helps I can't use Neutragena, E45, Simple, L'Oreal, ROC or Olay to name but a few - I can use Aveda make up but have now reacted to their skincare as well. I've been using Caudalie on my face normally but I have to be careful how much I use and often can only use it every other day or again my skin flares up.

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