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Test for C3 and C4

Discussion in 'Tests and Procedures' started by meowmee, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. meowmee

    meowmee New Member

    Hello, I saw a doc who did these tests, I assume testing for lupus and maybe other things. My results were normal, c3 at the low end:

    complement c4 = 26 (16-47)

    complement c3= 92 (90-180)

    So can I assume I don't have lupus? What does this result mean? There were other tests done but I don't have the results yet. I have various other autoimmune diseases. A urine calcium showed high calcium level but my pth was normal this time. It was high with low vitamin d last time.

    thanks for any info.
  2. debatat

    debatat Moderator

  3. meowmee

    meowmee New Member

    Thanks Debatat,

    I have joint pain, muscle pain, vertigo, redness on my nose only which could be rosacea because I have ocular rosacea, I have had photosensitivity and I stay out of the sun although lately I'm trying to get more because my vit d was low. I've had a rash from the sun which seemed to be sun poisoning maybe 2-3 x. I have lots of unexplained rashes. I've had a low white blood count since being in dka when my diabetes was diagnosed. I also have mild raynauds, hashitmotos and chronic pain fybromyalgia. I'm guessing though that I don't have lupus although some docs suspected that years ago from the rashes and joint pain. I'm going back to the doctor soon so I will get the other results and see what he tested for. I also recently had hyperparathyroidism as I said and the pth dropped on this test. I also was diagnosed with osteoporosis recently.

    Lately I've had an itchy rash diagnosed as autoimmune hives on my neck and leg where I had poision ivy in the fall(leg). It comes and goes. No one knows what it is.

    So far my ana have been negative. I had one positive band for lyme disease at some point so I'm wondering if I should get tested for that again. I have a lot of symptoms from diabetes too and changing blood sugar. I get dizzy every time my bg starts to change. So it's kind of hard to tell what is going on here. I also have extreme fatigue, but I manage to do quite a lot. I have insomnia. I was treating the hashimotos but I have stopped because my blood sugar was too high. Treating it helped my palpitations but I'm worried about the blood sugar being so high.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2016
  4. x_claire_x

    x_claire_x Moderator

    Hello and welcome... just having low normal complement levels doesn't rule out Lupus. Many have normalish bloods....and although most Luppies have a raised ANA it is possible to have an autoimmune disease with totally normal bloods throughout.

    Do you only have Rosacea on your nose ? I don't know anything about Ocular Rosacea .
    Photosensitivity is a biggie for autoimmune diseases...around 50-60% of us will be photosensitive. It would be safer to up your ~Vit D via supplementation rather than the sun in this case.

    A lot of these symptoms can be caused by Lyme Disease...were you treated for this previously ? I think it worth getting checked this checked out for definite.

    Are you under care of a Diabetic Clinic ref your uncontrolled blood sugars ? This will not be helping you at all feel well generally and is quite hard on the body.

    Are you under the care of a Rheumatologist who specialises in autoimmune diseases and have they been the one orchestrating the tests ?

    My speciality is asking loads of questions....sorry ! Just trying to understand more clearly where you are at at this present time.

    Take care, Claire
  5. meowmee

    meowmee New Member

    Thanks Claire, I thought low complements were indicative of lupus?

    Yes the redness is only on my nose and it's not bad. My eyes were really bad when that first started when my diabetes came out. The rash on my neck sometimes is just a diffuse redness and itching and then if I scratch it I get big bumps which go away quickly. Two dermatologists said it's hives of unknown origin, an allergist said he thinks it's autoimmune.

    I have type 1 diabetes and I see an endo for that who is also treating the hashimotos. My bg is just very difficult to manage overall, I'm on a pump and glucose monitor. It seemed to get worse with levothyroxine so I stopped it 3 days ago. I was told to supplement more D by my endo when pth was high and d was low, but I started to feel ill so I stopped it. You can overdose with Supplements but not with the sun. If it turns out I have primary hyperparathyroidism it can be dangerous to supplement D and calcium. I'm not sure what the calcium serum level was but the pth was down which is good, but my urine calcium was high.

    Yes, a rheumy was who did the latest testing. I'm seeing him for osteoporosis but he said he was going to test for some autoimmune diseases. I will ask him about lyme. I have never tested positive for lyme, I was tested 2-3 x maybe over a long period and I had one positive band which they said didn't mean I have it. However I spoke with someone at the rheumy office who had one positive band, was tested several x and then had a positive test. I'm not sure if he did ana again, I think he did prolly. My hematologist did that last nov but I never got the results yet.. he also tested again for ebv which I had a reactivation of in 2012 after I got out of the hospital from dka/dvt.

    Today I am so exhausted I keep falling asleep and so far my bg is running low. I didn't sleep much though and had to go out early to take kitty to the dvm.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2016
  6. x_claire_x

    x_claire_x Moderator

    Hiya..low complements often are indicative in Lupus...my point though is that just because they are not low is not significant enough to rule out Lupus.

    The only concern ref the sun is that if it is autoimmune, you can make things worse with sun exposure, not just to the skin, but to your body/organs etc....I use a vitamin D oral spray which makes a fab change from throwing them down my neck ! You are right about the supplements, but if you stick to the guidelines and your vit D is low...it should be ok. I wonder why it was making you feel rough ? Has anybody looked into that for you ?

    Sounds like you have a bucketful of stuff going on...which is so tricky as it is hard to decipher what is causing what etc.... I hope you get some relief soon though, must be miserable for you :0(((
  7. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Did you contact the doctor before going off the thyroid medication? Without it you may see far more symptoms surface, fatigue being one of them. I would give the nurse a call and see if you can see the doctor to discuss your concerns.

    Take care,
  8. meowmee

    meowmee New Member

    I will have to see what he says... as I explained it I have primary hyperparathyroidism, which isn't clear yet, taking any vit D and calcium could be dangerous, that may be why I felt sick or it could be something else. It is awful.. I dream about my old life everyday, wondering how much worse this is going to get. I actually felt better in the sun the past few weeks rather than taking the supplements. Again, if he thinks I have lupus I will have to revise the whole sunshine thing. My rash isn't really typical of lupus at all, so I'm guessing it isn't from that.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2016
  9. meowmee

    meowmee New Member

    No I haven't contacted them. But there is no way I can have my bg that high. I did go back on a lower dose due to having a bad headache. So that way it will reduce more slowly. It is really hard to tell what is causing all of this. It could just be diabetes which is really the worst thing I'm dealing with at the moment. I'm on a very low dose anyway and my numbers weren't out of range when I started medication so hopefully it won't be a huge deal to go off them. I have only been on them for 3 months. My father was on them for 5 months I think, he started meds before me and was diagnosed after me, he stopped them and he is fine. His tsh was quite high. His bp was dangerously high and his doc said to stop them for now until they work that out and maybe just for good.
  10. meowmee

    meowmee New Member

    I got the results online and it looks like nearly everything is normal to me- he tested for a gazillion things, lyme, ana, ra and other things my father who has prostate cancer has been tested for which I can't remember exactly what they mean at the moment but it has to do with anemia and blood cancers. I had some out of range results: low wbc which I've had since 2012, low monocytes, I can't remember if those have been low before, high glucose which is common with diabetes, and a small amount of ketones.

    My vitamin D is up to 30 now, pth is normal(but still at the high end of normal at 50), but calcium was 10, still in range but high normal, so I'm going to ask to have a pth scan to see if they can see if there is a pth tumor and this may be the early stages of it. Your body keeps calcium in the 9's. 10 and above with high excretion of calcium in urine still suggests to me it could be primary hyperparathyroid- the only thing is I don't think the pth would drop if it were, but pth can be normal with high calcium in primary. I guess I can assume I don't have lupus unless some other terrible symptoms start happening. I just wonder what is going on with the wbc- my hematologist wasn't worried about it so I guess it's nothing serious.

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