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Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by mea, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. mea

    mea mea

    Hi everyone,
    Sorry I've been away so long but have been dealing with a lot of issues as of late. Earlier this year I started getting a lot more leg swelling so rheumy ordered a lot of test to determine the cause. Most tests didn't pick up anything new (apart from a new pattern added to my ana results- cytoplasmic pattern which he says is common in ctds , mentioned schleroderma in particular :eek:) and as prednisone made the swelling go down he says connected to the lupus/ctd.
    Went back to work and a few weeks later ct & mri results came back saying they had picked up a unrelated issue, a lesion on my pancreas. So , it seems that while the immune issues were causing me problems with swelling , it may very well have saved my life as I was not having any symptoms and would not have known about the tumor until it was maybe too late to do anything about it. So now I'm home recovering from a distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy and awaiting the pathology report- surgeon says it looked like it was still in the precancerous stage but can't say for sure until path is back.:fingers:
    I'm wondering if anyone else on here has the cytoplasmic pattern in the ANA results?
    Hope everyone is doing ok on this bumpy ride.
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  2. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Hi Mea,

    Testing can become a chore but sometimes something is red flagged and it becomes a blessing. Good luck with your results.
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  3. Lupusdude

    Lupusdude Registered

    Great to hear it got caught early! Hope it comes back negative. Peace
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  4. susane

    susane Registered

    Mea I am praying for you that all turns out ok.
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  5. mea

    mea mea

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone, still waiting on path results:fingers:.

    Anyone here have the cytoplasmic pattern on the ANA test?
  6. mea

    mea mea

    Have my results at last. Tumor was benign!!! I am over the moon happy:D So thankful it was found early.:cloud9:
  7. Jessica1

    Jessica1 Moderator

    That's fantastic news Mea....what a brilliant early Christmas present, I'm so happy for you :cheer:. Take care and stay well,
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  8. sagehen

    sagehen Junior Member

    Hi Mea,

    I am so happy to read your wonderfully great news! Thank you, for sharing it with us!
    Best Wishes,
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  9. mea

    mea mea

    Thanks so much. Merry Christmas!:santa:
  10. susane

    susane Registered

    That's Great!!!!
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  11. wolf1

    wolf1 Registered

    Wonderful to hear your news. Have a very merry Christmas and new year
    Keep safe
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