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Too long with no thread for men!!

Discussion in 'Living with lupus' started by Smile Of Life, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. lup92

    lup92 Registered

    Thanks Joan, the last set of instructions worked a treat. I can see threads going wayyyy back now. Could you help me find where I've left my front door keys next? :p

    Thanks again.
  2. Joandublin

    Joandublin Registered


    Try the freezer - it usually works for me! :wink2:

    Glad it worked. Happy reading!

    Take care
  3. Smile Of Life

    Smile Of Life Duncan

    Tom, I see from your profile you've never received a like!!!!! So I just gave you one!
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  4. Laranne

    Laranne New Member

    Not sure men get it worse, but I do believe they are less likely to go to the doctor and get tested. I'm a it's not all in my head fighter and will ask my doctor for testing. That being said I am a veterinarian so I self diagnose a lot. Know enough to be dangerous and read the peer review medical articles.

    When I was first diagnosed it was after multiple miscarriages which I thought were my only sign, but looking back I had thyroiditis and other signs of making antibodies to myself earlier. I thought I would never have kids at that point and offered my husband a divorce for that reason but he did some research on his own and decided not to take me up on the offer. I did not practice veterinary medicine in a clinic for a long while afterward but found jobs in industry.
    When one door closes another one opens, just keep looking and asking.
  5. JS87

    JS87 New Member

    Men seem to do have it worse. Compared my 80 symptoms (ridiculous I know) to other females an mine seem to always outweigh them by a lot but that was when I was bad off tho. Have any questions on anything I'll sure be happy to help. After studying the body/nutrition I found this all is what works the best.

    Got no help from any of the Drs or specialists. No matter what your gonna have some good an bad days but you'll be able to go thru life almost normal doing this. Now you'll never have the strength an endurance that you once had when fully healthy ever again bc Lupus just breaks the body down too much but this will keep you from feeling really sick tho. Give this 2 to 4 weeks an you'll start to see a major difference in your life. Autoimmune diseases come from too much inflammation in the body an it also cz a lot of other serious medical problems as well. "CORN" is 33% more contaminated than any other crop due to being modified in a lab an the pesticides we put on them, also have done tests an it's the only food so far that cz severe inflammation in every race. Stop eating anything with "CORN" ( high fructose syrup, syrup, starch, & etc) in it. Eat blueberries a few times a week along with cinnamon bc these take inflammation out better than anything. Eat natural fruits, veggies, seafood, chicken (grilled or baked) & limit other meats. In the mornings drink warm water with apple cider Vinegar, lemon an Manuka Honey to build a healthy digestive system, building the body back up starts here! Oils: olive & avocado mainly, limit coconut, light sesame, & flax/grape seed. Flours: Amaranth, quinoa, chickpea, rice, oat, & limit coconut. Nuts: need to eat daily except limit peanuts. Milks: Almond, limit coconut, & limit soy for males. Spices: ALL! Eat daily & extremely good for you. Teas: green, lavender an limeflower, ginger, turmeric & drink daily. Limit your caffeine intake so if you drink coffee then don't drink a green that day instead opt for a different one. Also if you need to take an over the counter then take ibuprofen bc it takes inflammation out as well
    No artificial anything, "CORN" , butter, bad oils, & limit wheat due to gluten. is in everything nowadays so always check the ingredients list. Enjoy
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  6. Gisele Zeitler

    Gisele Zeitler New Member

    What a great post! Far from thinking of you as anything but a courageous AND open male who will actually talk about what's going on with men who have lupus! This is great! I often wish i knew more about the male experience with lupus! And here us a good one! You seem to have none of the typical male reluctance to share and ask reasonable questions and discuss the issues that i usually find in all areas of life!

    I'm very impressed by your insightful response.
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  7. Surferboy

    Surferboy Registered

    Another man chipping in here :D

    WOW! This is a great and much needed thread, with some absolutely excellent posts. Thank you Duncan for starting it off.

    I don't know where to start.... Duncan, I tried to find one of my first ever posts on here from back in 2018/2019 but I don't think the search function goes back that far. I think this was quite a detailed post which covered a lot of stuff discussed on this thread - relationships, trust, 'manning-up' etc.

    I think I am one of the luck guys who having hardly ever been sick, been in tip-top shape, mega alive etc, I was hit hard when I first got Lupus and had no choice but to see the GP. After about my umpteenth visit to see the GP he finally sent me to a rhumy who almost instantly diagnosed it with a blood test (initially thought it was palindromic (???) arthritis.

    I'm also lucky in having a extremely lovely wifey (ladies, is it OK to say 'wifey' in an adorable sense?) who absolutely understands what I'm going through, supports me, allows me rest time when needed and tries to keep me in check when I do the stupid things I do which can not only damage me in terms of my lupus, but also in terms of just normal damage (I enjoy extreme sports, surfing, football... pretty much anything physical). I always ask the question "where would I be had I not met her"? And think back to ex's I've had who I know would have either run or have been hard work with my disease.

    Men also have it hard in terms of being asked to 'man-up' - I've had this from both male and female bosses. But again I'm lucky in my 9-5 job as the employer has on choice but to recognise disabilities and put measure in place to ensure the wellbeing of the employee. If it wasn't for this, I would not work there. Not at all enjoyable work, but one has to weight up the pro's and con's.

    I absolutely admire and respect all those - male or female - who have any form of severe disability who manage their disease as well as look after their families single handedly. WOW! I hand on heart don't think I could manage. I'd do it, don't get me wrong. But boy would I struggle! That's me being brutally honest.

    May I ask where the guys on this forum are from? A meet up online is a great idea (hope this doesn't come across as sexist ;) I'd also be happy to have male and female online meet ups :thumbsup:

    'That's an attitude and a half and I hope it is working for you. I used to be a lot more positive but lately, the no-job, no-partner, no-health, no-confidence cycle is getting me down.

    But you're right, there are still choices and I musn't forget that.' - DO NOT LET IT GET YOU DOWN PLEASE! To state the obvious, that just makes it worse. I know it ain't easy - been there myself - but when it gets you down, getting up is 4 times higher!

    Finally, and again, WOW! what a great thread :thumbsup:
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  8. Jessica1

    Jessica1 Moderator

    Hi Surferboy, re finding your posts....if you go to your profile page and click on "find all content by Surferboy" it will take you to all the posts you've made. Sorry it's not directly related to this thread, just thought I'd let you know:thumbsup:
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  9. Surferboy

    Surferboy Registered

    Tried that. Didn't work. I was looking for one of my first ever posts when I joined this site. It was my introduction to you all.
  10. Jessica1

    Jessica1 Moderator

    The earliest post of yours I found was July 2008 but I didn't see one that had introduced yourself, sorry.
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  11. Surferboy

    Surferboy Registered

    That's OK Jess. Thanks for trying.
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