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vegan diet and results

Discussion in 'Complementary therapies' started by helloos, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. helloos

    helloos Registered

    Hi everyone, I started the Vegan diet well sort of, I read the Lupus Recovery Book and although I am realistic and know the pros and cons of such diet, I decided what the heck try it. So I read up on Vegan diet as well and learned about the chemicals in foods and its relation to auto immune, etc. etc. and I also read up on a zillion books to put together a meal plan so I get enough vitamins and enough calories, as I certaintly don't need to lose any more weight, and so I have been doing this for about a month and half. The book says to take out wheat and sugar, flour, salt which are part of Vegan so I started out doing it the book way not Vegan but will eventually add these things back in gradually.

    I just wanted to say, and although it can be coincidence and have nothing to do with the diet, my urine finally came back with no blood and no protein, it is so normal nothing in it !!!! Also, I have not had fevers in the last month. So time will time if it is the diet change doing these things for me.

    The only thing, I still have the other symptoms. So like I said, I know the pros and cons and don't expect it to be a miracle worker and have started it with an open mind. But I have read many stories and research about this diet that are more positive than negative.
  2. Pink Pearl

    Pink Pearl Registered

    Hi Paula,
    If it works for you.......then more power to you!!! If your health has improved, then way to go! There is an option for everyone and if it is the right way......then....great!
  3. Eileen T

    Eileen T Registered

    Good for you, I don't know much about results from eating a vegan diet, but we are all different and know what works for our own bodies. Personally, I feel less sluggishness and more energy when I cut out foods with a lot of sugar and fat - Cake, biscuits, sweets,chocolate & icecream....... You know, all the stuff that tastes good!!!
  4. countrylass

    countrylass Registered

    :)Hi well done you

    If it helps,why not.

    Its not easy to follow to start with,i did follow vegan diet many years ago and im currently slowly edging my way back to it i found it to be nothing but very benficial.

    however at time lupus was not spotted i was being treated for inflammtory arthritis,the vegan diet helped me lose alot weight.
    it also reduced my sytpoms to point i was considered in remission.

    ive got great book on full inculisve vegan diet to go by to make sure get all needed nutients.

    take care.
  5. redknight

    redknight Registered

    Hi Paula,

    As the others have said, if it works for you, then that's brilliant.

    The fact that your urine has come back normal can be nothing BUT positive.

    I have been referred to a Nutritionist who I was very pleased with (now been discharged from). She suggested that I personally would not benefit from any diet that would restrict my intake of any type of food or food group but I would certainly be interested in regular updates from you.

    Please keep us up-dated.
  6. helloos

    helloos Registered

    From what I have read and researched, everyone is different. It is one of those things that you have to try on your own and see if chemical based foods taken out of your diet and man made foods and additives make a difference. I have read a lot of positive things from it. But as I said, what works for one, doesn't always work for others. I am trying it to see if it does work for me. So far it has been 2 months and only change was urine and no fevers. But I also am in a flare again and my doctor took me off 200 mil of Plaquenil so I am only on 200 I was on 400, and that was the same time I started Vegan. Sooooo.....with that said, I probably shouldn't have done both together. But now I am back up to 400 ml of Plauqenil. Time will tell.
  7. SteppingStones

    SteppingStones Registered

    Although undiagnosd yet, am trying to be proactive and make what changes i can to be more healthy overall.
    Cutting out processed foods with additives, the nightshade foods (potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and such)
    as well as meats that have been fed a steady diet of hormones and antibiotics is helping a little. By reading up,
    have discovered much of the staples of the US diet are inflammatory foods. Quite a eye opener!

    Wishing you success, and please keep posting what works for you!
  8. vincent

    vincent Registered

    Since I have low hdl, high triglycerides and antiphospholipid antibodies, and a bad reaction to statins, I have been vegan for more than two years now, and I am quite certain that it helps get the cholesterol numbers down, the blood pressure down, and fight fatigue. I lost few pounds and still losing slowly. I do miss good cheese, but I cheat sometimes to make it more tolerable. I also take fish oil supplements, which is certainly not vegan and occasionnaly, when I go to a restaurant and I find no better alternatives, a plate of fish.

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