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Wanna laugh at me

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by florie, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. florie

    florie florie

    Hello all,
    I wanted to share an embarrasing moment with you. Well here goes.......

    Yesterday me and my fianc'e decided to go out on the boat for a few hours. We have a beach near by. So we gather our things and drive to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day. From this beach we travel about 15minutes to a reasturant on the water. We find a place to tie-up the boat. The tide was low and the dock was high up,plus we have a low boat without a deck. (It's more like a racing boat.) So my financ'e gets up on the dock and carefully ties up the boat, (as i sat in the boat waiting). Well now it's time for me to climb up on the dock with his help. As i stood with my right foot on the top of the boat,and my left leg lifted to the top of the dock and fianc'e holding my hand to pull me up. Well to my surprise the right foot pushed the boat away and fianc'e trying to pull me up never happened! I was hanging by one hand swinging as i hit the dock with my leg and then feeling myself sliding from his hand. I was dangling in the air and looking at the under part of the dock. Still holding me by my wrist he said, the boat is coming back for you to step onto. So i felt my foot reach on the top of the boat as he lowered me into it. Backwards i stepped and off balance i was as i fell with my butt into the seat. Now he unties the boat and jumps down off the dock like nothing
    into the boat. Starts the engine and drives over to the ladder of the dock. Again he gets out and carefully ties up the boat. He gets back on the boat to secure me as i climed the ladder to the top of the dock . I made it up and said to him we need a ladder for the boat. We ended up having a nice lunch and walking threw the village before we went back to the boat.
    I climb down the ladder with no problem and sat in my seat. But my fianc'e said he didn't have the key and must of left it in the resturant. So as he runs over to retieve it i am sitting there waiting. A couple around my age were admiring the boat as he came back with the key. During conversation with them having interest in the boat i asked them if they wanted to come for a ride ? The husband of the couple said yes the wife followed along. So they sit in the boat and i said to the wife. "Can you believe your doing this? With all the things you read in the paper and see on the news about strangers. She replied back to me"When my husband said yes i thought to myself what is he thinking". So we laughed and rode around and then drove em back. They were very nice couple but i still thought how strange it was to invite these people on that i didn't know from Adam. :lol:
    So that was my adventure for yesterday. Today i am black and blue on my leg but i look at it as a reminder of the fun freaky yesterday. ;)

    Hope you all had a good laugh at me :rotfl: , Luv, florie
  2. goats

    goats Registered

    That is a very nice outing. sorry about your leg though
    you are very lucky to live near water and have a boat. I find water very calming. glad you stranges (guests) turned out to be nice people
    thanks for sharing your fun
  3. karen.w.

    karen.w. Registered

    :eek: florie..haven't you watched the film 'dead calm' :eek: :hehe:

    seriously though florie I am glad you all enjoyed your boat trip..sometimes we have to trust our instincts meeting new people or we would never have any fun!!

    I hope you feel better now & arent too sore,I felt guilty for laughing :hehe:
    take care..karen x

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