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Weight Loss?

Discussion in 'Looking Good, Feeling Better' started by susane, May 24, 2015.

  1. susane

    susane Registered

    I was just thinking about how many of my meds cause weight gain, mostly by increasing my appetite. I need the meds, but need to lose a lot of weight. I can't exercise much. When I diet I have to count calories, but I don't go too low. I have a program on the internet that is free which helps me keep track, but still I am not doing well right now.

    Do any of you have this problem? I would appreciate anyone who might have some tips that help. On disability it's not always easy buying everything I need to eat well.

    I would love any and all ideas, recipes, etc. that might help me and others.
    Thank you so much.
  2. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Hi Susane,

    Both Prednisone and Gabapentin made me gain. Combating it can be difficult when you don't feel well. I just tried to cut my portion size and increase my general activity level. Instead of using a dinner plate I use a salad plate. Plus I try not to even have unhealthy snacks in the house. Hard to do if hubby does the shopping though.

    Take care,
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  3. I calorie count. That, combined with exercise, helped me go from a size 18 to a size 2. I'm rocking a 6 right now, no thanks to prednisone, which has me ready to gnaw my arm off in hunger. I am trying to just count at a maintenence level while trying to get this rough flare under control, then I intend to get back to more strict counting, even if it means I push through the hunger pangs. I try to have an apple if I really can't push through, as that tends to hold me for a while.

    As far as counting goes, I was most successful once I bought a food scale and weighed all my portions. I was overestimating by a lot before I had one, and it helped me to see portions more clearly. After two years of counting pretty religiously, I find myself able to make better choices and see portions more clearly.

    I still indulge on Friday and Saturday nights. We eat dinner out with friends on those nights, and while I try to make smarter choices about what I order (I don't just eat salads), I don't count those meals.

    I am currently swimming for exercise, as it feels really good on my joints, and everything loosens up in the pool. I'm hoping to one day get back to running, but I'd even settle for being able to take longer walks again.
  4. catcove

    catcove Junior Member

    Just saw this. I have gained about 15 to 20 pounds since being diagnosed 15 months ago. I had been about the same weight for the last 10 years. I don't know what my problem is. I do find it very hard to exercise most days. Like Angelic Jennifer, I have been trying to do some activities in my mini pool. I have been trying to do Yoga for meditation and loosening up my muscles and joints. My diet does suck. Prednisone, Hydroxychloroquine and now Methotrexate, etc probably doesn't help. Just adding my 2 cents.

  5. catcove

    catcove Junior Member

    I forgot to mention how swollen my hands, arms, knees and feet are, so I'm not really sure how much weight this accounts for in my weight gain.
  6. susane

    susane Registered

    When I start reading about side effects of different medication I take daily, it says weight gain.
  7. scarlettsails

    scarlettsails New Member

    I know these are older posts, but being new to the site I've just discovered them. I have also gained weight since being diagnosed...15+ lbs and I feel each and every one of them. Between medication, pain, and the ever present fatigue...oh and let us not forget the nausea and brain fog... diet and exersize take a far backseat to survival. Life changes in every aspect with this diagnosis. We go through the stages of grief...suffer the loss of hopes and dreams...and with time, adjust and begin to redefine ourselves. Maybe we need to see our physical forms as a badge of courage and reflection of change and perseverence?

    We are not "bad" or "failures" because we have been transformed by our illnesses. We rock because we have continued to live and love in spite of them. Smile....you're doing this!
  8. pagespark

    pagespark New Member

    Just a balanced diet and exercise will do

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