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What is this pain??? I am so sick of doctors! Any idea?

Discussion in 'Related Conditions' started by sparklebug, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. sparklebug

    sparklebug New Member

    Ive been getting this pain for the last year on my left side, lower back. Its sharp but, comes and goes within hours. I'll wake up with it but it will disappear a few hours later.

    Last night the pain showed up again around 3 am. It did wake me but I soon fell asleep. When I got up at 6 am, the pain was still there and felt worse. When I urinate the pain gets worse and almost feels like its squeezing the pain (my kidney?) No blood, burning, itching or pain from the lower region when urinating.
    I dont think its a UTI (had many of those in college!) im thinking kidney but never had issues before. Im 30 y/o if that helps?

    I was diagnosed with SLE many years ago. I dont take any meds only herbal supplementation. I do have irregular heart rhythm that developed a few years ago and the non stop joint, muscle pain but, other than that nothing too serious. Im 30 y/o if that helps?
  2. debatat

    debatat Moderator

    Have you had it checked out with your doctor? I would make sure that your doctor rules out a UTI and any other issues. In the meantime make sure you stay hydrated and try a hot water bottle to help the pain.
  3. sparklebug

    sparklebug New Member

    No :( Im probably the worst Lupus patient that ever was. I dont have a rheumy any more and only go to my family dr when I cant take whatevers going on anymore. Plus weve moved alot in the last few years and I was growing sick of finding/meeting new doctors.
    I get so sick of being given gabapentin, cymbalta etc etc..... THEY DONT WORK! My herbs work better than the drugs they give me with next to no side effects (crazy dream here or there) ;)
    If the pain is still here tomorrow i'll go to a family dr but, for now i'll watch my water intake (urine is clear) and use my heating pad.
    Thank you!
  4. lazylegs

    lazylegs Moderator

    Possibly a kidney stone? You should definitely get it checked out.

    Take care,

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